Top 10 Natural Highs :

Top 10 Natural Highs :

I recieved a mail today from a friend of mine which had list of 50 odd common natural highs. I filtered the top 5 which suited me and added some more of my own interest.
Here they are:

My Top 10 Natural Highs…

Reading a great book in the night when you suddenly realise it is already morning.
Singing your favourite song aloud while riding the bike
Lying in bed listening to the rain outside while eating hot groundnuts.
Midnight phone calls that last for hours.
Having someone play with your hair.
Watching a good movie cuddled up on a couch with someone you love.
Playing a competitive game of chess
Laughing so hard your face hurts.
Being appreciated when you thought no one cared.
Lying down in terrace looking at the stars and dreaming with eyes wide open.

Devdas – Larger than life:

Devdas – Larger than life:

Well, I still remember the day when i bought Khamoshi cassette from a music shop in mambalam. That was when i was returning from NIIT and i went straight to my room and played it with no expectations. It took me by storm and it is one of my favourite albums till day. I thought the director whom I don’t know who it was that time must have had an ear for music. Because it was so diferent from Jatin-Lalit’s previous albums. And Bhansali created the magic in the silver screen with Khamoshi displaying a wide range of pathos and ecstasy with music. Bhansali re-created the magic in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. Though the later wasn’t a emotional gripper, it had elements of unbound happiness.

And now with Devdas, he joins again with Ismail Durbar to recreate the age of classics. Devdas is a touch of class. Maardala sung by Kavitha Subramanyan is the smash hit of the album. And if you get to see the trailor in MTV, you will probably start loving Madhuri again. Her portrayal is much expected in this movie. I have become a fan of this song and also Woh chand jaisi ladki by Udit. The best surprise is the Devdas theme. So feverish in its rhythm just like the Sandana Thendralai by Shankar Mahadevan in Kandukondain Kandukondain.

Listen to this album in a quiet night overlooking the sky and stars from your bed. I am sure you will transend into the world of sheer music, which Bhansali has created in celluloid.

Transformation in Tamil Films: Tamil

Transformation in Tamil Films:
Tamil cinema is undergoing a sea change. From love stories of all varities, it moved to family stories and now it is in travelling in a carriage with teenage heroes. Shankar’s BOYS is the most promising film of this category.The cast includes 5 guys and a girl. There is a lot of expectation in air for these BOYS. The tech crew is so well formed that it has actually stollen 80% of the Kannathil Muthamittal crew. With the crew being in place, the rest of the burden is on shankar. Will Boys attract everyone is a question. We hope !!!

Next in the line is Agathiyan’s Kadhal Samrajyam ( Territory of Love ). This also come with 4 heroes and a heroine. Agathiyan is known for his Kadhal Kottai ( Tum Bin in Hindhi). His storyline being his strength, he really plays with human emotions which is absolutely moving. This time his storyline is about love in dance school. Mani Ratnam’s Madras Talkies is also looking for fresh talents for their new production directed by Gandhi Krishna – an assistant of Mani Ratnam.

This new idea of new faces and more than one hero could be due to the fact of rising production costs and VCD and Satellite Channels taking charge of mainstream entertainment. But I would also rationalize this experimentation with the new blood in Tamil movies in all areas like direction and music.These guys want to experiment and lead the industry in a new way as Bollywood does . As bollywood enters new age movies like AKS, Aanken and 16th December, Tamizh Cinema enters a new paradigm of film making. The new branding style of bollywood is yet to be implemented in Tamizh cinema.

Lets wide open our hands to welcome many more Rehmans, Shankars and Vikrams. Three Cheers to Kollywood !!!

LBW or HBW : I

LBW or HBW :

I wish Sachin could score another 29 centuries in the test matches before he settles down as a commentator or mint millions by starting a cricket coaching centre. But y’day when he was taken off for a duck, India started to do their own jobs and switched off the television sets. My instinct said he wasn’t out and I was right. But the umpire wanted to compensate for the lives he gave for sachin in first innings and declared he was lbw.

I was nostalgic y’day thinking about cricket which we played as teenage boys. Those were days when we played cricket in muddy grounds with the hot chennai sun literally broke our heads and thats when we quarreled a lot about LBWs. There is a myth about LBW. It looks like it is the only thing that both the teams had taken oath not to listen to the umpire. I remember an incident in my 10th std when we played in a crowded ground on a sunday morning. One of our opposite team mates, took the stump and broke the umpire’s head for not declaring a LBW. Well, that was a HBW (Head Before The Wicket) !!!

I swear by … I

I swear by …
I have gone crazy in the past few weeks. As nidhi, mentions it, writers love movies. That includes a short story writer who are small timers like me. Well, i’ve completed the sequel to my orginal short story named the duplicate dream. I am the only writer probably who would have written a sequel to a short story. My ideas of making this a trilogy is at the back of my mind. I wish I could meet David Davidar to publish this short story. Currently, I need to WATCH MOVIES. 🙁 But here i am in my office cublicle on a monday morning preparing for a technology presentaion scheduled this afternoon. Well, who said software engineers don’t day dream.

I have actually been off from writing blogs for 2 full weeks. I miss them a lot. Quite a lot to write of the past week’s experiences. I swear by the moon and the stars to write a lot on my blog. Hope i do !!

BUGGED :( Got bugged up


Got bugged up the whole week on the idea of blogging. probably i have a writer’s block ( hey, my block is about what to write) . Midweek i was trying to write my views on VP Prabhakaran’s interview to the world media. I had no time to scribble that day …so i had to drop that plan . And now it is one more weekend , i have become a weekend blogger. Probably next week, I hope to scribble a lot and get ready to read those.

One more WEEKEND : Thats

One more WEEKEND :

Thats 3 days since i wrote . Not a lot has happened since then. I wanted to see The Beautiful mind and ended up with Kannathil Muthamitaal for the second time. It was an amazing piece of cinema. Lately, i have been listening to kishore kumar . Honey smooth voice. He is one of the singers who is very versatile. His Chalte Chalte and Pyaar manga hai tumee se are my favourites. Even SPB is a similar genius . I need to write quite a lot on SPB and his hmmmm…some other day.

Fools Day and my folk's

Fools Day and my folk’s wedding anniversary – Thats a coincidence

Today as you all know is the fools day and the same day 26 years back my dad married my mom. does that convey you something ?. But my dad jokingly still says it is a coincidence. In Tamil custom , the bridegroom will be taken as procession in a convertible car , something like the baarath . And for my dad….poor guy, the car stopped running after 10 yards from the wedding hall and they actually pushed it theough the whole procession. He still recollects it in a funny manner saying my grandpa who is my mom’s father fooled him with the car and with his girl ( my mom). I need to ask my mom how she was fooled ?

I am happy atleast in those days, they had all these customs. These days, due to the fast pace of our lives, the customs have died down and marriages have become like fast food restaurants. One day and the marriages are over. The next generation will certainly miss the fun of playing around and socialising. Poor Guys!!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad !!!