AR Rahman – The Thunderous

AR Rahman – The Thunderous Ten

AR Rahman celebrates a decade in the Indian cinema. He has been called by his fans as Isai Puyal(Music Storm). The Rahman Factor has been a great source of inspiration to a lot of young talents. He has changed the face of Indian music industry. Though his latest theatre venture Bombay Dreams along with Andrew Lloyd Webber, had mixed reaction from the critics, he continues to be considered as someone who took Indian Film Music to the world.

My Favorite all-time Top Ten of Rahman –

1.Kadhal Rojave – Roja
2.Pachai Killigal – Indian
3.Enge Ennathu Kavithai – Kandukonden Kandukonden
4.Sakhiye – Alai Payuthey
5.Enn Veetu Thotathil – Gentleman
6.Suntha hai – Pukar
7.Kannalane – Bombay
8.Tanha Tanha – Rangeela
9.Ithu Thaan Kadhal – Puthiya Mugam
10.Kurukku Chiruthavaley – Mudhalvan

Check out AR Rahman’s fan club more than 28 thousand posts till date. Read the comprehensive article AR Rahman – Ten Years of Universal Conquest by Rahman’s fans.

Leave your favorite songs of ARR as comments here. Just curious to know!

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movie : enemy at the gates
music: without me – eminem
book : king rat – james clavell
long weekend (sep 2nd labour day)
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i miss indian channels
bread for lunch
vanilla coke

When I read my blog,

When I read my blog, back again, I’m not reflected in that. That’s what even some of my buddies say. I look like a sober columnist writing for a mediocre magazine which is awaiting attention and of course circulation. Lacks originality of my personality.

That’s been my dream. A journalist. That’s what I wanted to do even as a small boy. When others of my age wanted to become pilots, cops and doctors, I had this blind love for being a journalist. Airplanes and high speeding cars never fascinated me. Especially an investigative journalist was what I aimed to persue. Every summer vacation I used to buy more than 100 books and more than 50 were spy stories. Maybe they influenced me too much.

One day when I expressed my wish to my mom that I wanted to become a journalist and expose the scams and crimes(I was probably thinking myself as a robin hood); she was scared that something was really wrong with my psyche. She was trying to make me scared by saying that wouldn’t fit our life style and we should only study and build our careers. She said if I became an investigative journalist, I would be attacked and mobbed by dons and politicians. Well, that’s a middleclass mindset. Many of our Indian moms and Dads aren’t different, leave out the exceptions. Finally I had that dream dropped out slowly.

I am still behind journalism. Not sure if I have what it takes to be a journalist but I love journalism. Still. Except that I have moved towards television journalism. I feel these NDTV and CNN journalists are lucky enough to make it. I watch CNN more than 3 hours a day and it is never boring for me while I wonder how some of my friends can like without it. Some thing is still wrong with my psyche, my mom would say.
Barkha Dutt is my Star News favorite and Larry King tops my CNN list. There is a whole list of other print and television media journalists and columnists who attracts me. Every one is worth the mention.

Cho Ramaswamy
The founder of Thuglak, a leading unbiased political fortnightly from chennai. The kingmaker of south and sometimes even in the central. A very restless and a spontaneous speaker. Always against the ruling party just to be a check to them. A great comedy actor during the golden time of tamil comedy along with nagesh. Never once has eaten his words. Once when Prannoy Roy tried to do make him do it, he still managed to get out of it elegantly.

From the founder family of The Hindu. Currently the Editor of the arguably the best fortnightly Frontline. One of the greatest and unrecognized countrywide journalist till he brought out the bofors scam. His editorials are the milestones in publishing history. My greatest inspiration for journalism.

A cartoonist of Anandha Vikatan, the best of tamil weekly magazines which is celebrating 75 years in publishing. He is currently a freelancer. His love for historic writings can be seen in his Tamil book called Vanthargal Vendrargal (They came, They conquered). The best recommended book for easy understanding of Mughal Empire in India. Recommended for first time Delhi goers. Read this book and search for the mentioned places in Delhi. You would be amazed by the history of Delhi.

Prannoy Roy
The World This Week. I was a teenager when I first saw Prannoy Roy uttering these words on friday nights in DD Television. The time of election was a joy for people. Thats because DD screened movies 24 hours during those days when election results were announced. Prannoy Roy was there all over conversing and analysing the election results. And hence he is very popular face among indians. His sharp pronunciation was his strength and he was the one who branded the TV journalists. He does a great job in Star News by creating a strong team, which includes Sreenivasan Jain, Barkha Dutt and others.

It seems like this list increase to more than 10 people as I keep thinking. But it would look like a doctorate paper on journalism and to cut the long story short, here is the list of them.
Christiane Amanpour – CNN
Wolf Blitzer – CNN
Sreenivasan Jain – NDTV Star News
Saeed Naqvi – Indian Express
Shobha De – Columnist and famous novelist & And last but never the least…
Lazy Geek – Wannabe Journalist of a to-be-started weekly magazine 😉

Software Rogues In Action People

Software Rogues In Action

People are sometimes frustrating. You can stand liars and thieves but not hypocrites. They are educated but still uncouth. Well read but fowl mouthed. Foxy and Fixy. Critical and Political. Actors and King makers. Probably they are too educated that they feel the world is under their feet. This is what they say in a tamil proverb. The sparrow can fly very high, still, can it ever become a eagle? Certainly not.

I saw the other face of two such gentlemen today. They were rogues behind their gentlemanly behaviors. Software rogues is what you can call them. And they are called ‘Consultants’. I hardly understand what consultation they would give if they have such fowl mouth, which constantly utters fowl words in hindi and with such a bullying mental state of mind. Politeness is a far away myth for them, it seems. Temper never under control. But the have a mask. The mask that looks like a perfect proffesional. If they remove you can see a demon, one that comes in the movie , Predator.

We’ve got to learn, from them, how not to be a consultant. I pity their managers. These guys would probably call him names in their language and those managers would think they are talking something about movies in vernacular language. lol.

I think these guys need to be given consulting skills training before they board their planes to US rather than technical skills. Technical skills are however easier to learn. Consultancy demands high level of cultured behavior. However, they are very gentle before their managers. But I am sure at some point, the original characters would peek out and that’s where they end up in a doomsday situation.

Companies should rather do a thorough psychometric analysis of the prospective employee before the enter the company. Because these people affect the business of the company. They have no idea about what corporate world is. No clue about how to react at the moment of crisis. Just keyed robots whose only intention is to earn money, however !!

One of them was even telling politics is a way of life in work place. Poor Guy! I thought. He is absolutely ignorant about the corporate world in US. Probably in India he might survive for sometime. Here in US they reward talents and skills. Politics is here too. Not as a giant as in India. Not as devastating to the extent to screwing up one’s hard earned job. They believe in mutual growth here. We need to learn a lot from this country !! A lot!! And also unlearn such hypocritic values.

Rajini Back : Baba releases

Rajini Back :

Baba releases on 15th and I think Tamil Nadu is in a festive mood to welcome BABA. Too much of expectations on Rajini and I am sure he would shoulder them well with ease as he did in the past.

BABA opens up at Chicago on 18th and the tickets are sold at the speed of light. Hurray Dude!! He’s back!!.

Hers is a comic pic of him which I recieved in a email.

Devon Avenue – A haven

Devon Avenue – A haven for Indians

The Devon Avenue is a haven(ue) for the Indians and to Pakistanis. You get almost every Indian stuff here. Especially if you are a desi who is living in or travelling to America, you would long to be in India ASAP. But you needn’t. If u are travelling from the downtown Chicago, Devon is slightly away. If u are lucky enough to stay over in a north or a northwest suburb, you can have a multiple entry tourist visa to Devon Avenue once a week.

As you enter the narrow crowded street of Devon Avenue located at a North suburb of Chicago, you see, hear, smell and feel India allover. Imagine a crowded Bombay bazaar or the festive crowd at T.Nagar in Chennai. Thats Devon. The street has parallel parking both sides and just a small space to move in with your compact cars. There are quite a few lanes that cut across to facilitate parking. It is slightly shabby area for the standards of America. Garbage lying all over. Bhangra music and Indie Pop Mix together in the air to make a jugalbandhi in your ears and the smell of Samosas and fresh Indian vegetables would remind you of your Indian home town whichever it is. Patel Brothers is a famous shop out here for grocery and chat items. Though you don’t get bhel puri and stuff like that here, there are couple of other north Indian joints out here that provide you a wide variety of them. For South Indian people, who long to eat idli, vada & dosas, Arya Bhavan and Annapurna serve them well.

The highlight of Devon is there isn’t a national difference of Pakistanis and Indians. They are all over and you can’t make out the difference. When I was there last weekend, Pakistanis was celebrating their Independence Day there. And to my surprise a Pakistani shop was selling Indian flags similar to an Indian Hindu shop selling Green Pakistani flags. Isn’t that great? Amazing !!.

And I could Hrithik see all over the place. Kareena too. Their movie ‘Mujhse Dhosti Karoge‘s mega size blowups welcome you to DVD shops. All DVDs are available from old B&W Devdas to current Devdas and Madhuri’s green dress in Maardaala (Devdas) is the most talked about thing.

Indians are celebrating it next week on 17th August and the expected crowd is about 30,000. A parade is arranged and the Indian celebrities are fond of this crowd. I saw pictures of Kapil Dev, Kiran Bedi and couple of other celebrities with M.F Hussain visiting an Indian Bookstore. This time it is Mahima Choudhry who is leading the star of the Independence Day parade. Is Leander Paes coming too???.

eBay is amazing ! I

eBay is amazing ! I did manage a laptop for 127$ in an eBay auction. Thats Dirt cheap, Dude! And it works well till now. Auctioning is addictive guys and may prove injurious to your wallet if you aren’t prudent. Everything in US works on your credit cards and now ofcourse now US thrives on online transactions. I only dream that this would happen in India. From pizzas to peugeots can be bought online. Anything…Anything…absolutely anything on the net.

You want to know how to drive to your friend’s house in a karnataka and you are in tamilnadu. Log in to buddy!!!. You want to deliver your sweet pie living in delhi and you are in Kerala. Log in to In fact, I wanted to write a list of the best available online services that are unavailable in India. But I wouldn’t want this blog to look like an Internet Directory. So I restrained myself with just 2.

Desis who are here for quite sometime are sure that nothing big as this would happen in India. I don’t go with them. But their point of argument seems to have a point. They say that till the movement of population from villages to cities exists in India, this slow down of improvement in infrastructure and living style is non-stoppable. I am skeptical about that. I think their point has a value but that alone doesn’t cease the growth of a country.

Well, thinking about this for quite a while makes me rethink about my dream. Let US be US and we be India. Let’s not compare apples with oranges. I want to finish this here, because while writing this, I am clouded with so many thoughts that would take pages to be written down. This is a coffee-toffee issue. Probably some other time…!!!

Signs of Spielberg – Is

Signs of Spielberg – Is Your Sixth Sense Unbreakable ?

It was a moment of joy for me. For an indian like me to witness a loud applause from the audience for a hollywood movie in an american theatre directed by an indian. And it was truly breathtaking. Yes, Manoj Night Shyamalan does it again. First by sixth sense he swept us near the oscars then he dusted the childhood heroes inside us through his unbreakable . Now he comes back to touch the spiritual and human side of us with a backdrop of UFOs in his signs.

Signs is a movie to relish quietly in a corner of the theatre without catcalls and whispers. It really impacts you with a melodramatic and an eerie mood. Make you rethink your beliefs. Only condition – Listen to the dialogues carefully, else you might be lost in this complex screenplay.

Shyamalan love for philadelphia, where he was brought up is evident and this one is set there too. The greenish farm which is the heart of the movie increases the suspense. Amazing location.

Mel Gibson reminds me of Kamalhassan in Mahanadhi. For those who saw mahanadhi, you will understand the pains of kamal to bringup his children and also the troubles he undergoes to catch his life gear. This movie is ceratinly Mel gibson’s career high. Shyamalan’s builds Mel Gibson’s character slowly yet strongly. He is such a cool actor that his character builds up in you. Thats what he did to me in ‘ What Women Want‘ . You become him after some point of time in signs and you get involved in the during the course of the movie and try to save you and your children from the UFOs and aliens.

The twist which you would expect in shyamalan’s movie is certainly missing but that is the wish of a creative writer which cannot be questioned. To the given story and characters, shyamalan gives rationale and ends it great. Some might think that it was an abrupt ending but that again depends on your taste of movies. Its like reading sundara ramaswamy’s book. He doesn’t spoon feed you. Just makes you realize the need of using your brain and co-relate events. Thats why you so feel special while you see such movies. You feel elevated to the heights of thinking and you certainly do. Your sixth sense would not be unbreakable and you suddenly rise up from your seats in fear. Especially in a scene while the dog which is silently eating and suddenly barks the nerve out of you.

Read what rediff has reviewed about this.

A Spielberg is on the making and we are witnessing one of the to-be-legends of all time. Is that so? Your catch on this is welcome.