Outsourced : The coming of

Outsourced : The coming of the end of Indian Tech era ?

This article not only signifies the obvious but also has hidden impacts.

Kevin Flanagan’s suicide resulting because his tech job in Bank of America was outsourced to Indian Info-Tech companies shattered US during the month of April. And the aftermaths had a very negative impact on the Indian Info Tech companies. Four US states including New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut and Washington are planning to ban outsourcing totally.

Outsourcing has been there since ages and it isn’t new to this world which has now shrinked handful. But it was expected that these bans would definetely happen because the no. of jobs lost in US due to this outsourcing spree amounted to 800,000. It all began when New Jersey passed a bill that none of their jobs would be outsourced outside the state.

With outsourcing ban started to becoming more than a fad in US, Commerce Minister Arun Jaitley said that the move was against the principle of market access and is very certain to have it negotiated in the WTO forums. If these bills get passed very smoothly in the US congress, it would couple with the already threatening L1 Visa ban bill and would create nasty impact on the Indian job front and also on the export income of India.