Is Vikram the demi-god ?

Is Vikram the demi-god ?


Producers, Distributors and Directors are all running behind him. He has been the money grosser for the last 2 years and he is expected to rock the box-office for many more years to come. He already has 2 years of dates fully booked for this next 10-12 upcoming films. And he is still cashing in with his Dhool which has just touched 150 days and expected to celebrate silver jubliee. The first and probably the last silver jubliee of the year.

But before the Dhool magic could fade away he is rocking his IPS chair in Saamy (The God). What a pleasurable movie experience it was to see Vikram performing the IPS officer of Thirunelveli with a professional ease. The ease resembles me Rajinikanth‘s role as Alex Pandian in Moondru Mugam. It is a role even a commoner who is no Rajini fan will appreciate for he did with his own style and command. But comparing Rajini with Vikram would be crime. They are players of their own style with Vikram taking over the place which Kamalhassan is leaving. While Kamalhassan is busy elevating himself to the international market in Cannes film festival by releasing his movies in Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) format. This format help in watching the whole movie as streaming media over the internet(even with a bad bandwidth). I have some more thoughts on this format and will write more on this, soon.

Vikram’s role as Aarusaamy in Saamy is commendable and he is reaching the pinnacle of his career and is expected to stay in top for sometime. It has given him a break from the commercial movies which followed Gemini. Saamy is still a pucca commercial movie but it is the Director Hari’s intelligent screenplay that gums the viewer. Saamy story is something which not many people can come to terms with. Aarusaamy comes to Thirunelveli districty as the Deputy Commissioner. Its been a place which is ruled by mafia, specifically by a king maker ‘n’ don called Perumal Pichai (Kottarao from the telugu cinedom). As a DC, saamy wants to perfom his duties honestly and effectively. His past experience with dons have been very effective but due to the political pressures he has had 8 transfers before settling here in Thirunelveli. He changes his strategy to accept bribe from the dons and also make them accept many of their mistakes, which hinder public people. All he wants is public safety for the people in the town. A practical police officer who also has a love life in the form of Trisha Krishnan. How he makes don come down to ground from their mafia kingdom is the rest of the movie.

Vikram is introduced as a rowdy himself and we come to know that he is in disguise to catch others in just few minutes. Follows is how he practically works his way out of the mafia web and how he succeeds. As he adopts new ways of taking a huge sword instead of the usual latti, against a group of people who tend to increase the public tension, Director Hari establishes himself as an intelligent director who knows what people like. We tend to agree with him that only by being practical police can face the dons. As he says to a don, Endha Aruvaa vettutnaalum Vettum, Enntha Thuppaki suttalum sudum and takes out an alternate pistol from his shoes to make the killing an unofficial one, we know the movie is heading towards a racy ending.

Trisha on the otherhand is introduced a brave girl who throws chili powder and locks Vikram inside the room mistaking him to be a thief. She does her little part far better than expected. A talent to look out for in the coming movies.

One of the most appreciable part is the comedy track by Vivek. Its better watched than written. Watch it to enjoy it.

Harris Jayaraj has done a good job. Kalyananthaan Kattikittu is the biggest hit offlate. All the FM stations keep playing through out the day. Also Pudichirukku’ song is picturized well and the BGMs go well with the movie.

But at the end of the movie what lingers in the mind is the energetic, manly and high-pitched Vikram and his acting skills for this is what tamil cinema has been waiting for. A by-runner for kamalhassan and money-grosser for the tamil cinema world. He is surely the present demi-god. Saamy!!.