I cursed my job,

I cursed my job, for once. Day-before-y’day I was pretty late and when I reached my house, it was already 10:30 in the night. Ktv was featuring Mani Ratnam‘s Thiruda Thiruda and it was already half-the-movie-done.

What a movie it was !!. Although directly inspired by the 1969 hit flick Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid, Thiruda Thiruda never failed to provide the same pace and action. Coming as the second movie with Mani Ratnam – A R Rahman combination, it had some of the best BGMs by Rahman. The BGM during the charriot chase is one of Rahman’s all-time best and also the eerie music he generates while Salim Bose appears is fresh until today.

Mani Ratnam chose to direct such a light-hearted entertainer coming after the national hit Roja. Probably thats the diversity he needs in his films. The best part was that he paired up with P.C.Sreeram who wasn’t involved in the previous two Mani Ratnam’s films.

Though Thiruda Thiruda was dismissed as yet another film in the Box-office. It was yet another experimental film like Agni Nakshathiram. If Agni Nakshathiram had too much back-lighting and flare-lighting, this one was an experiment with colors. The bus stunt at mid-movie had too much of color grading. It would silly now but 10 years back, it was P.C.Sreeram who experimented this color grading effect in this film. The top half of the film would be graded red and the bottom half would have the natural color. If you aren’t able to comprehend this, watch the movie to appreciate this technique. Also the final climax in the train was on the best ever picturised climax in tamil cinema history.

Thiruda Thiruda was released on a diwali day and I managed to watch the premier show in Alankar theatre (now the theatre is no more. P & L Netloyd company has it’s office). After that every saturday after saturday I watched it continously for 7 saturdays. I doubt even if Mani would have watched this movie in a theatre for 8 times. huh !!