Ticking…ticking…10 seconds….ticking….13.6 seconds and your

Ticking…ticking…10 seconds….ticking….13.6 seconds and your windows password is cracked. This is the average time taken to crack your current computer’s password. Stunned ! It happens with technology but this is definetely one quantam leap. Using 1.4GB of data (two CD-ROMs) it can crack 99.9% of all alphanumerical passwords hashes (2 37 ) in 13.6 seconds. As this is based on Martin Hellman’s cryptanalytic time-memory trade-off technique which reduces the time of cryptanalysis by using precalculated data stored in memory.

The method involves using large lookup tables to match encoded passwords to the original text entered by a person, thus speeding the calculations required to break the codes. Called a time-memory trade-off, the situation means that an attacker with an abundance of computer memory can reduce the time it takes to break a secret code. Also you can your hand with this technique to break your computer’s password. More here.