Thiruvasakam In Symphony : Illayaraja

Thiruvasakam In Symphony :


Illayaraja is all set to launch his long time aspiration, Thiruvasakam Symphony. Thiruvasakam, a divine Tamil literatute of south India is one of the most philosophical compositions of Manikavasagar. One God, Universal Brotherhood, Attaining Liberation through Love, and Immortality of the soul were its goals. Its english version was written by Rev. G.U Pope, Rome before a century. More on Thiruvasakam here.

The music recording is planned in the month of November at Hungary. The same place where Raja recorded his first symphoney and the Kamalhassan’s HEY RAM. The Hungarian Orchestra is well reknown for their class in symphony music. Raja is getting ready for the recording with some of the best singers from India.

Mastro Ilaiyaraaja Fans Club, an online fan club has donated more than 1.3 lakhs for this major project. It’s a fair deal of money by his true followers. Appreciate their love on Raja.

I was into this news incidentally when me and a group of friends were listening to Raja’s Nothing But Wind. Nothing but wind is nothing but magic. I am so amazed how he could use the only flute to create emotions ranging from agony to pain to sensuality to scary. His last symphony was never released in India. I am sure this one will be released with a lot of publicity. He is still the only maestro, rocking.