Virumandi's Music – Quick Look

Virumandi‘s Music – Quick Look :

Viru Viru Mandi…Virumandi
Viru Viru Mandi…Virumandi, calls the group consisting of top singers of kollywood. The group consists of (g)oldies like M.N Surendar (Mike Mohan’s voice) and Illayaraja to the versatile Kamalhassan and the naive youngsters like Tippu and Karthik. This song called Karbagraham Vitu Samy Veliyerathu is one of the to-be chartbuster. Kamal’s voice is very modulated and is indistinct from the other voices. The tempo very fast and the chorus very energetic. The high pitch of Surendar and Tippu reminds me of the Karuthamma song Kaadu Potta Kaadu sung by Bharathiraaja himself.

The other song Kombulae Poov Suthi rendered by Kamalhassan reminds of Rakku Muthu from Ejamaan. From the lyrics it looks like the Jallikattu song and has an jiving tune. Very infectious number that you will start humming the tune immediately. I can imagine the passion with which Kamal would have picturised song with Illayaraja feeding Kamal’s creativity heavily in this song.

Shreya Ghoshal proves her worth again. The slow numbers Sandiyare Sandiyare and Unna Veda are gripping and she has a fabulous voice. In a very experimental song called Mada Vilakey, Kamal unleashes the villager in him with his very different voice modulation. It is one of the notable songs in the album.

Virumandi, certainly a typical Illayaraja album, has his midas touch and these numbers are very movie oriented. Though many of them may not even make it to the charts, they would be best to see it on-screen.

Sandiyar's a.k.a Virumandi: Campa-Cola campus

Sandiyar’s a.k.a Virumandi:

Campa-Cola campus gets ready as Kamalhassan unleashes the suspense of Sandiyar’s new avatar. As many including me (my two cents worth) guessed that Sandiyar would be re-named Virumandi. Named after the character, Virumandi would still be remembered as Sandiyar, ever.

So with a huge crowd of his fans, Kamal today releases the much expected Virumandi’s music scored by Illayaraaja. He plans to sell copies of Virumandi’s music in the venue itself, just to bag the hype surrounding it. But I am sure it will yet another mile-stone for Kamal-Illayaraja duo.

Check out a too-close-up shot of Kamal here which I shot enroute to my office on the GST road. Some are on my photolog too. Take a spin.

Kurangena Udumbena Pudhichatha Pudi Pudi

Kurangena Udumbena
Pudhichatha Pudi Pudi
Adikadi Varumaa Sandharpam
Announce Panni Varumaa
Label Otti Varumaa
Oru Naal Vandha

Boys celebrate 100th day today. I am sure these boys deserved much more than this. It was an appreciable and honest effort. Hats Off !!

Rahman‘s part in BOYS was the best thing happened to the movie. Especially those beautiful BGMs during the tirupathi marriage scene and ofcourse the revolutionary bit song that elevated the movie to a different class. I hope that Rahman and Shankar continue to work together, despite their recently reported split, to rock the tamil film music.

Here's an interesting picture that

Here’s an interesting picture that came I across in Vikatan. Kamalhassan applying relaistic makeup to Naser’s cut head(?!!).

Balasubramaniam, an assistant of PC Sreeram, had captured this moment during a pre-shoot of the climax of Devar Mahan. He says that he went crazy after watching PC’s cinematography in Nayagan and he came over to chennai to join PC as his assistant.

Read his small interview here. Also this amazing shot of two jaambhavaans (as told by Ajay) was also shot by him. Check out.

An important info about Balasubramaniam is that he is the cinematographer of Pithamahan.

E20U18 Enakku 20 Unakku 18,


Enakku 20 Unakku 18, releasing this weekend is expeceted to be A.R Rahman‘s Box Office contribution after Boys failing to fare well in the box office.

Directed by Jyothi Krishna, the son of AM Ratnam, this movie is all about college and fun. The news is that, the first 20 minutes and the last 20 minutes are musical without any dialogues which is a new thing to kollywood. As this movie is in production for two years, someone asked Jyothi Krishna to change the name as E22U20. ‘Anjali’ Tarun and Trisha pair up in this movie.

Even when I saw the trailor of this movie, I wasn’t interested. But since I listened to the music of ARR, I think there is hope of this movie being a hit. The songs really rock. They are so varied that one can’t ask for more from Rahman during these days when he has many international commitments.

Santhipomma, rendered by Chinmayi, Unni menon and Anupama is very melodious and a great song from Rahman after a long time. Chinmayi, the girl who sang for Kannathil Muthamittal, has done a wonderful job here. This song really attracted me as it sounded like a trademark ARR song for the tempo and the pitch gets higher at the end of song like the OOOH La La La song and that tells us that Rahman is still the same old classical Rahman. Also listen ‘Please Sir’ from Boys for Chinmayi’s sweet voice.

SPB Charan comes back in Oru Nanban Irunathaal song alongwith his friend Venkat Prabhu. Incidentally this duo acted in the movie Unnai Charanadainthein.

Also the Askaava!! Vasthaava!! song sung by Devdas fame Shreya Goshal is a good ARR number with a faint telugu smell. Remember the fabulous Chellamai Chellam song from the movie Album rendered by Shreya Goshal.

Jyothi Krishna is dubbed as the Karan Johar of South even before his first movie has released. Hope he lives that expectations.

Thirumalai – The Dhool Magic,

Thirumalai – The Dhool Magic, again !!

Thirumalai is an outright entertainer. Even before the movie released, it was Vijay who set the expectations appropriately for the movie. He called it nothing but entertainment. Today if the movie is a hit, is clearly because of not over-hyping the pre-release marketing and downplaying it very well. Kavithaalaya emerges once again this year as the most profitable producers followed by A.M Ratnam’s Surya Movies.

The debutant director Ramana believes in the fact that a no-story-but-good-screenplay will help the movie reach masses. He has succeeded following Dharani’s footsteps. When Dhool hit the screens early this year, not many thought it would rock the kollywood like what it did. For time being, Dharani certainly changed the rules of the game. Not only were the critics who were astounded by the success but also the directors who thought good stories alone make a movie. Dharani rushed those beliefs out of them. Though not a good decision to go with a thin story line, always, Dhool remains as a milestone in the history of kollywood for it’s sheer entertainment values and perfect mix of each necessary component of a movie. Now there are directors who sit tight and etch out a good story and there are directors like Dharani and Ramana who manage a hit with just clear understanding of what people want. That’s the varied mix of talented young chaps in the battleground of Kollywood. If not for a success like Dhool, Ramana, the director of Thirumalai just managed a small kargil victory.

The screenplay is the most appreciable part of the movie. With less flaws and no hang-ups in-between, it is the intelligent screenplay that takes us on a joy ride. But the feeling of something big is going to happen is indispensable and to our dismay nothing big happens. It is a story of a typical love between a automotive mechanic and the daughter of a rich businessman who owns six satellite channels. It has nothing to more to it. With this one line story, Vijay is the man who carries the burden of the whole movie. He is does it with an experienced ease. But he invariably omnipresent in the movie and that is slightly irritating. Also the relationship between Rahuvaran and Vijay is unexplained. The sudden sisterly affection of Kausalya also set my thinking that there will be a sad flashback in the second half that Vijay is her younger brother and got missed in some festival and she finds him here in Pudupet again. Thanks to the director, he saved us from such classical stupid scenes.

Vijay’s two-day stub and a slender moustache shows his desperate eagerness to appear young and participate among the race to stardom amidst the young chaps like Dhanush and Chimbu. Also his meticulous voice modulation is a big plus. It is because of his expressionless, flat voice in the past, Vijay’s good body language went unnoticed. It has been taken care with utmost care this time and he excels in the character of a Chennai localite. He plays a mechanic in the much-crowded Pudupet except that he doesn’t have a single scene to show him working on a bike. All he does is to keep dusting his self-designed bike. At time he looks like a pathetic cleaner than a well-trained mechanic. Even the small boy who works in his mechanic shed seems to work more on bikes than Vijay himself. Vijay wades through the character of Thirumalai. As he proposes to Jyothika with an innocent look, he also occupies the seat of a comedian. From the looks of Vijay and most of the scenes, it seems to be an inspiration of Rajini’s Baba. He is all out to strengthen his efforts of being as an alternate to Rajini. Good Try !!.

With Jyothika playing the heroine in the movie, the movie is always poised to be fun. As against the unwritten laws of kollywood, this time the screenplay also includes the heroine, most of the time and that paves way for Jyothika to prove her nerve once again. This is certainly not a Kushi again but she gets ample space to appear on screen. She is one hell of a girl who needs some good characters to prove that she is nothing less than others. Vivek becomes a copycat. Like Deva who copies his own music again and again, he tries to recycle his comedies. Old Wine in a old nasty bottle. Stinks.

Though Thimsukattai song seems to be out of place (most of the songs are actually out of place), it becomes yet another Adiye Kappakizhangey (Dhool). Incidentally this song is also sung by Tippu. But the best of them is Thammtakka Theemtakka rendered by both Tippu and Karthik. Raghavendra Lawrence and Vijay dance the best out of this fabulous song. This song is must watch, atleast on Pepsi Ungal Choice.

Though not the definitive winner of the Diwali releases as Sun TV calls it, Thirumalai is a good entertaining watch. If you can afford to forget logic and theories, sit back and enjoy, Vijay and his team.

As Superstar Rajini, opened the

As Superstar Rajini, opened the auction for the post of Superstar during the Saami function, many contenders including Ajith and Vijay geared up to achieve it. With Ajith’s Aanjaneya leaping out of the theatres so early and Vijay’s eye for commercial success becomes evident in Thirumalai, the superstar position is still vacant.

As Rajini remarked, whoever is supported by the masses will become the next superstar. Going by that definition, the whole tamilnadu is behind PULLIRAJAvukku AIDS Varumma ?? Advertisement. So here I crown Pulli Raja as the current superstar. Happy World AIDS Prevention Day !!

Disclaimer : I am a big Rajini fan myself. So please don’t flame me for this joke.