Kamalhassan's Vasool Raja MBBS in town

Kamalhassan is getting ready for the remake of MunnaBhai M.B.B.S. Today’s pic in Hindu along with Prabhu was a surprise to me. Prabhu plays Arshad Warsi‘s role of ‘Circuit’ in tamil. Circuit is the sidekick of MunnaBhai in the hindi version. After that Vaanam Enna Kezhirikku dance by the duo in Vetri Vizha ( The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum), Prabhu and Kamal come together for Vasool Raja MBBS. Prabhu known for his versatile acting is also good as second hero.

While K. Balachander’s assistant Saran directs the movie, Bharathwaj gets a chance to compose for Kamalhassan which will be a refreshing change. Also with ‘Crazy’ Mohan penning the dialogues, you can be sure for tons of laughs.

Sanjay Dutt was clean and neat in Munnabhai MBBS but Kamal with this chinese monk beard looks comical. While I have no doubts that Kamal will do justice to the role, I am have my own irritation why he would have agreed upon for a remake. A remake is certainly not a crime. We saw that with Gilli. But it certainly isn’t a domain for Kamal’s versatality.

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