To Sue Kakkha Kakkha

a) I get a call from a guy in Tindivanam for more than four times in my mobile who refuses to believe that I am not AnbuSelvan IPS (Actor Surya).

b) I get a call from an assitant director of a recent movie who again refuses to believe that I am not Gautam ( Director of Kakkha Kakkha).

All this and much more I am expecting in the days to come is just because of the fancy number that I was persistent to get with RPG Cellular. Long after I recieved my number from RPG, Surya spelled the same number by chance, in a hospital scene of Kakkha Kakkha.

I keep getting calls from unheard strangers thinking that the number belonged to Surya who intentionally gave it indirectly to his fans through the movie. The other set of people think it was Gautam who by mistake wrote his own number in the script and hence they are trying desperately to get a chance in this latest movie.

Even now after 8 months of the release of Kakkha Kakkha, a Surya fan kept disturbing me while I was busy watching Aayitha Ezhuthu. Very Irritating !!