Give Yuva a chance. Don't pre-judge the film – Mani Ratnam

[Pic : Rediff]

Why do you assume anything has gone wrong? Nothing has gone against the film. Word-of-mouth is good. The film is good, so everything is okay.

It is also too early to analyse the film. If you ask a filmmaker to analyse his own film, it would take three or four years to do that, honestly. Because when you make a film, you have to be convinced about it. You are married to that film for a year.

I am very happy with the film. I am happy with the response I have got so far from the theatres.

I am glad that we can make bold films, different films within the commercial market and still do well.

This interview with Mani Ratnam explains all. Read it on here on Rediff.

P.S: Aptly said Anti/Viji. As Viji pointed out Kamal literally came out of Bollywood for these same reasons.

However, the reason that he isn’t tall enough for a bollywood hero was a humbug. Pity that Mani Ratnam is also pushed to the same state of affairs. But Mani Ratnam has always stood against such acts. Be it the censors or terrorist attacks, he had remained calm in the face of the media. His sudden press meet, I should say, is certainly because he is upset about the movie pundits too much.