Week in Review – Once upon a time…

Guest Blog #17 – Anand C

One of my favorite professors had an interesting ability to combine many things in one story / train of thought – often starting from something fairly random. Left one with the feeling that everything was connected. For instance his compilation of some of the week’s interesting news items might sound like this (Click on the links to go into the news items):

This post, passed on birthday wishes…
to late Prof. Richard Feynman,
who worked at Los Alamos,
on what became the A-bomb…
Built on physics principles of Einstein…
who in his writings mentioned Gandhi,
as the greatest that walked the face of the earth.
And urged people to ‘Think Different’, and was used,
in a campaign by a company named after a fruit
Called Apple, whose boss has a side project,
Pixar, which recently stopped negotiating with Disney…
that stopped distribution of a controversial film
on recent events and George W Bush.
Who was in Normandy to speak,
at the 60th anniversary of D-Day (June 6)
where 9,500 soldiers sacrificed their lives.
And need to be remembered!