Writer Sujatha – A Quintessential Interview


Writer Sujatha, a writer-par-excellence, reiterates about his life, the people, the writers, the books and the incidents that influenced him/his writings in this quintessential interview to Kumudam’s Theeranadhi. You need a userid/pwd to login.

He details his writing experience without any pretensions and also accepts that many of his good stories were written in an urgency to publish. He expatiates, ‘Stories which I planned to write in leisure were never written. I needed that urgency. It was like how Pudumai Piththan needed an urgency. He probably knew that he would not live for long and hence wrote tons before he died‘. Also his distinction between good and popular writing shows the profound writer he is.

writer sujatha

For a die-hard Sujatha fan like me, this detailed interview is a piece of rare literature for this interview will become a part of the Writer Sujatha‘s biography in the future to come.

As he mentions, one of his very detailed interview was to a magazine called Padigal (Steps). Incidentally, I have a copy of that interview which I collected from the famous old book shop in Luz, Mylapore. If anyone is interested to glance it through, send me an email and I can pass it on.

You can also read this interview reproduced in desikan’s page here. I met desikan during this year’s Chennai Book Fair. Desikan is Writer Sujatha’s official biographer and also one of his biggest fans. His drawings on Srirangam decorates the latest publication of Sujatha’s Srirangathu Kathaigal. He also blogs here. Check out his Enn Per Aandal blog post for an interesting read.