Come Back, Illayaraaja

Listening to a Kolla Kuthu (meaning a gaana) song called Sandai Kozhi from Dhanush‘s latest flick Sullaan, me and my friend pondered over the music sense of the current tamil music dierctors.

We both agreed on the fact that Illayaraja‘s music was free flowing even in a Kolla Kuthu song. These days, even if it is a melodious song, either you sit, listen and concentrate to enjoy it. Or shut it down, because it hinders your jobs.

But now, even as I am connected to the net and typing this very blog post, Illayaraja’s 80’s hits is playing in the CD player. Not a slightest disturbance it does to my thinking nor does it affect my flow. It serves as perfect background and still makes me jive. Ok, so you might argue that it is one of those Illayarajaa’s melodiest song that plays now. No way. It is Muthaduthey Muthaduthey Raagam from Nallavanukku Nallavan. It is fairly a fast paced song with disco beats. The amazing way the music flows given S P Balasubramanian‘s lovable voice, I think we are dearth of such music these days.

A R Rahman to a huge level filled up this gap. But because of his recent association with Hollywood, the gap has widened and gives me a feeling that tamil film music is getting down to ditches.

Even Yuvan Shankar Raja or Vidhyasagar comes out with some amazing tunes. I recently fell in love with Bharadhwaj’s Manasukulley song from Autograph, especially that malayalam accent was a great blend and the recent YSR’s Kanna Kaanum Kaalangal from 7G Rainbow colony are precious ones, hard to find stuff in the given tamil music scenario. But they don’t fill up the quest for good music of a tamil music fan. They don’t even come near it.

At this juncture, I can’t hope more except to shout, COME BACK ILLAYARAAJA !!