From Homer to Kalki (a) All about In Medias Res

What started as a close shot of the bronze-god Achilles ended up in a detailed write-up of in medias res.

Mdeii Anand who’s interesting review of Troy started a comment mela which led to his explanation of a storytelling method called ‘in medias res’. From his words, in medias res often refers to the narration of a story that starts off in the middle of an action wherein standard things such as character introduction, setting introduction are dispensed with. The characters/ setting are apparent from the actions or if they need to be explicitly stated are done so through the course of the narrative.

If you interested how Homer’s Iliad and Kalki’s Ponniyin Selvan were connected finally through the same blog post, read in medias res. Very neat and informative, especially for movie buffs.