A post on everything that screwed up yday's match

What was Ganguly of trying to achieve by allowing the kid (Partheev Patel) bat first while he was having a tiger like Shewaq sitting there praying for his turn to come? This decision didn’t pay off at all.

Ganguly’s wicket was such an easy one and he did nothing but to pose so badly that the ball found the way to the bat and back to the short mid-on fielder’s hands.

Dravid is a darling. Truly. Though we refer to him as the Wall Of India, he proves time and again that he is capable despite his slow start. But, why does he look so sober look in the Hutch Ad. It looks to me as though he is forced to do that Ad. Becoming the MTV youth icon of the year, this year will be a hallmark for him. I am soon looking forward to Captain Dravid.

We know Vaas is one hell of a pacer. Now Sri Lanka has managed to manufacture one more. Zoysa, with the number on his shirt as 00, did a great job in keeping Indians from runs. And Sangakarra, the wicket-keeper of Sri Lanka, is classy. Great Find.

But for the bad breeze that blew Balaji and his T-Shirt, we would have managed to win by scoring a few more in the early overs.

Tendulkar may be 31 by age, but he still rules the cricket kingdom. And those who demand or even think that he should retire watch the straight drive boundary of yesterday’s match are take a pilgrimage to Badrinath immediately. This guy has been in form for most of his career.

And finally, I found the reason why India might even loose the Asia Cup. The man of the series gets a car. A Car. Yes, Maruthi Esteem. Huh! When these players think of paying taxes for Ferrari cars where the tax itself could cost more than 15-20 esteem, who would aspire for a Man of Series title. Doesn’t that explain that bad stroke of Ganguly yesterday? It does to me.

Why Chennai Rocks ?

LBG: Just Arrived. Unable to find record companies ready to promote an all-English rock album, the band members pooled in Rs. 20,000, recorded their album and put the copies out for sale during a concert last week. They sold 50 albums at Rs.75 within an hour.

If you are regular to the IIT Saarang, friday evenings @ Unwind Center or other places of rock in Chennai, you know what they are talking about and you can(!) stop here. Others read ahead about how Chennai Rocks in Rock.

Check out The LBG.

Tragic Kumbakonam Fire Accident

There can be no adjective to qualify the fire accident that happened yesterday. The Mahaamaham temple town Kumbakonam‘s worst fire accident took away close to 90 lives. All of small kids. If you were watch the tamil television yesterday and the whole of today this kumbakonam disaster has occupied the space.

Being associated to kumbakonam through my relatives, I personally feel the pinch. But it isn’t necessary to be associated to mourn for such an incident.

Except for The Hindu daily, nobody from the media have even warned of the graphic scenes that were displayed from this accident. The Hindu did put up a box news that photographs displayed could cause distress to the readers but the enormity of the accident makes such visual news presentation unavoidable. Three Cheers guys, for their professionalism.

Although, we need to pat the media for the importance that they have given for this news. Jennifer Arul on NDTV was on tears when she reported and walked through the debris in th accident spot. Even the news reader who was watching the video was on the edge of tears. Not to ask the people in the house, who were all upset and in tears witnessing the horrible happening in the television.

People’s prayers from all over the world for this incident will be the only solace for the parents of the kids who died. Nothing else can match the prayers.

Fahrenheit 9/11, Control Room and the rise of a new genre?

Guest Blog #23 – Anand C

[No Spoilers Ahead]

Fahrenheit 9/11 and Control Room (made by Jehane Noujaim) were both released within a month of one another. One starts from several parts of the world (Michigan, Texas, Iraq) and concentrates arguments from these multiple sources to mount a coherent forced attack on the Bush administration. The other starts from a dusty broadcast room (of the Qatar based Arab news agency Al-Jazeera) and paints its view of the outside world through that media lens. One spews hatred and has no pretense of an “independent” film, the other is a sincere portrayal of a very controversial topic, and deserves praise for sticking to its “independent” stand even though there is ample temptation to succumb and ride the controversy wave!

Both leave their mark, but not as staid, sober documentaries.

In an already polarized country, F 9/11 provoked like none other (maybe JFK brought forth this kind of intense reaction…). Democratic groups like MoveOn.org are organizing Fahrenheit parties to get people to carry their anger all the way to the ballot boxes! In fact, it’s probably fair to say Michael Moore is an activist who uses film as his propaganda tool, than a director who portrayed a sensitive (and controversial) issue (judging from his themes in Roger and Me, and Bowling for Columbine).

When Quentin Tarantino handed Michael Moore the first ever Cannes Pale d’Or for a ‘documentary’, he made it evident that the accolade was for the film, not its political statements. Did he see the coming of a new genre before the public did?

Wonder if we are seeing the arrival of the “opinion-entary”?

PS: Stupid comment of the month: Ray Bradbury’s (awesome writer and author of Fahrenheit 451), whining that Michael Moore did not ask him for permission to use the title!

Saghalai Vs (Semma) Raghalai and other media mocks

Sagalai vs Ragalai
[Pic : Vijay TV]

Chinni Jayanth and Santhanam are back to rock the Sagalai Vs Ragalai show in Vijay TV. That guy Ragalai (Santhanam) is extremely funny and has superb timing for his comedy. This show was stopped long time back. Now, they are trying to give it a 2nd life.

The most talked about political talk show Makkal Yaar Pakkam was stopped abruptly in the same Vijay TV. No clue why they stopped it. Probably not much is going on socially and politically here except the Kutti Saamiyaar and Budget.

The kid is called Kutti Saamiyaar & Bala Sanyasi by tamil and english dailies respectively. Let the name be whatever but I think it’s should be a case of Child Labour.

Talking about budget, last week in a very ‘famous’ tamil daily, Rabri Devi calling Laloo’s railway budget as the best railway budget ever, was a big box news. Was that a mock or serious news reporting ?. If it wasn’t a mock, I pray to nanganallur anjaneyar that the reporter gets tranfered to rajasthan to report on camel feeding techniques.

Today’s FM played Kaadu Potta Kaadu from Karuthamma. While listing Vairamuthu‘s songs, this was also one hell of a song that should be included. It talks about the pains of a villager and his lifestlye. Bharathiraja‘s rocky voice really sounded well. I know that Vairamuthu got a president award for Poraaley Ponnuthayi from the same movie. This one also deserved one.

“Fantasy films are not for me. I can’t do films that I can’t relate to. Middleclass is my milieu. That’s why it’s a recurrent feature in my films. And when your subject is middleclass, it can’t be removed from reality. So the earthy feel comes naturally.”

Nagesh Kukoonor, the guy who brough in a paradigm shift for independent movies talks to hindu on his second serving of Hyderabad Blues. Having been inspired by Hyd Blues during my college days, I am waiting to get some time to watch Hyd Blues2. More here, Blues Boy.

Happy Birthday Dude!! – Vairamuthu


Pachai Kiligal

Need I say more than quoting him from my favorite all time song from Shankar’s Indian. This guy from Vadugapatti in Theni District has already reached Sahitya Akademi for Kallikkattu Edhikasam (The Epic of Kallikkadu), with his magical pen.

Apart from his well known, most popular association with AR Rahman, Vairamuthu is also equally known in literary circles for some of his good contributions during yester years. His first work in Tamil literature called Vaigarai Megangal was a runaway success. His modern poetry called Kavirajan Kathai, detailing the life of Poet Bharathi is also regarded as a great contribution to Tamil literature. I’ve my own set of favorites which includes the autobiographical Indha Kulathil Kal Erindhavargal and Sigarangalai Nokki.

From that Idhu Oru Ponn Malai Pozhuthu in Bharathiraja’s Nizhalgal, Vairamuthu has become a mainstream lyricist for Tamil movies. He and AR Rahman rocked the Tamil music scene for over a decade. My list of songs by A R Rahman and Vairamuthu combo would run pages. They include Pachai Kiligal – Indian, Pachai Niramey – Alai Payuthey, Ithu Annai Bhoomi – Bombay, Kanukku Mai Azhagu – Pudhiya Mugham, Vellai Pookal – Kannathil Muthamittal, Minnale – May Madham and so on.

I can’t stop myself from quoting my most favorite song of Vairamuthu. It’s Pachai Kiligal Tholodhu from Indian. The lyrics celebrate life, the pleasures and sorrows of life and finally quote the joy of life in totality. Unmatchable lyrics combined with that beautiful flute interlude of A R Rahman where Indian Thatha dances clandestinely inside the potter’s mud.

Chinnanchiru Kootukkuley
Sorgam Irukku
Ada Chinnach Chinna Anbil Thaney
Jevvan Inum Irukku
Pattampoochik Kootathukku
Patta Ethukku
Ada Paasam Mattum Podum Kanney
Kaasu Panam Ennathukku

Happy Birthday Vairamuthu !!

Chennai gets 'median'ised !!

The Chennai that I left back is never the Chennai that I see today. That’s a common statement that we here from NRCs [Non Resident Chennaites] who keep rambling that how good Chennai was in those days when compared to the present. On the other hand we have these patriotic Chennaites who vow to live and die in Chennai even if there is an acute water scarcity. And if you ask them why, they would reply that Chennai still remains the heart of cultural /conservative India.

Apart from the New Yorker restaurants, Leather Bars, the Pasha discos of Park Sheraton and the re-opening of EC 41 on the East Coast Road there are quite a few things that’s makes Chennai better and even the so called patriotic residents and the NRCs fail to capture.

One such amazing thing is the drive to build a median from Guindy to Tambaram on the GST Road. From Tambaram it gets connected with the existing median that runs from Tambaram to Chengalpat. This new median stands at 3ft in height and 2 ft wide and is mostly continuous from Guindy to Tambaram. What’s the big deal about this?

The median that is built now is being made of cement with huge rocks and building blocks. It is also artistically curved at the ends that give a nice appearance. It isn’t one of those yellow painted grills laid as median, which you often find in Chennai. We used to jump over them when we go to colleges. Super heroes, huh!! Those are old humbug solutions. This one seems like a long time solution, probably.

And the interesting thing (!!) really, is that there are water pipes running inside these medians and there are these hanging plants/crotons that are planted throughout the whole stretch. Give another 2 months and see the drive from Guindy to Tambaram becoming a scenic ride to glory with all those greenish plants hanging in from the center of the road. Already Hutch, Airtel and most of this money spinning (read sucking) companies are adopting these medians for a particular distance. They pay the gardeners and make sure the plants are properly maintained.

The only hitch that I see here when some lorry driver who is on his high should crash onto these medians thereby damaging the median. I don’t have high hopes on the highways dept to repair all such damages immediately. Such acts may bring us back to square one.

But we are talking about the hanging gardens of Chennai here. Finally I am happy to get a scenic bike drive on the GST road to my workplace. I would love to have it soon.

Aayitha Ezhuthu titles – an easter egg?

Guest Blog #22- Anand C

I’ve heard of programmers dropping little “easter eggs” in their code that only they know of… things like a funny face appearing if the 29th of February falls on a Friday… or a Pixar character’s eyes modeled after an ex-girl friend…

But Pradeep told me today (when we were catching up after a long time) about this easter egg in Aayitha Ezhuthu‘s titles – apparently the way the titles appear and blur out are the same as the the way the vehicles drive past the protagonists in the famous Napier bridge scene, but with a mask over the top-view camera.

Anyone noticed it? I for one missed it the first time…

Come Again !!

And so the rain came down today on a Sunday, telling us, this is how a rain looks like. Chennaites refreshed themselves about the PHENOMENON called rain and went back to sleep. But before that rain went away.

FYI – Little Johnny wants more rain!!.

Chennai's sad irony

With the exponentially doubling Chennai traffic, I notice a sharp raise of the speeding ambulances.

Should we be happy about the speedy service that these ambulances render or should we sad of the augmenting emergencies/casualities.