A tale of two Flip-flops

Guest Blog #27 – Anand C

OK, we’ve all heard this one. John Kerry is a flip-flopper


Here’s the “glass is half-full” view – This is not the first war he has flip-flopped on. He fought the Vietnam war and then fought against it (by testifying in front of the Senate). As independents say, he passed with flying colors the two biggest character tests for any American in his generation!

The “glass is half-empty” view – Whatever the war is, he has reserved the right to change his opinion based on the facts. He’s consistent about that. That’s better than what has now become a joke on late night TV – unchanged stands on WMDs, “Mission Accomplished”, and the connection between Sept 11 and Saddam.

Either way, the Republicans are left with a “There is no gold in the wall!” argument (a la the old joke), one that could be toppled in terms of “Aha!” value only by their ability to convince Americans with it!