Glass-bangles Vinayaka (OR) Beauty is skin deep?

Guest Blog #26 – Anand C

Two films that make the cut as ones I recommend to friends who want to watch “good” tamil movies (apart from the usual suspects) are Pudhiya Padhai and HouseFull. To me, both are fresh even today. However, not many people appreciate the recommendations. Their main peeve: could not tolerate the hero’s (R Parthiban) face!

Parthiban is definitely not the only actor to receive this treatment… this piece from a recent interview with him (mainly discussing Kudaikkul Mazhai) caught my eye:

I was once invited to the first birthday party of my friend’s baby. I had only a 50-paise coin with me. How does one buy a gift with 50-paise?

An idea dawned on me. I bought four glass bangles and broke them into pieces. With the carved broken pieces, I created a Vinayaka. Then, I wrapped the gift beautifully and presented it in style. When I visited them next, I saw my Vinayaka prominently displayed in the front room.

My eyes turned moist with joy. When you put your heart and soul into any creation, it will surely bring joy to all. I apply the same logic in my movies too.

The sincerity of his conviction to be different definitely hit home…

Acceptance of Nana Patekar and the recent recognition of Om Puri (with an OBE) notwithstanding, one wonders if we still live in a world where beauty is skin deep, and those who aren’t fortunate enough to be fair-skinned get step-child treatment…