Jesus in Jeans, rocking Chennai

The hit musical Jesus Christ Superstar is here in Chennai during the weekend. I had seen this rock musical on Star World few years back on a Christmas Eve and I should say it was too nice for a musical. This was a musical by the Andrew Lloyd Webber. They producers of A R Rahman’s Bombay Dreams.

With Michael Bolton look-alike Jesus played by Glenn Carter, in the present version, dressed in pyjama and sometimes in jeans, it was one of the most modern adapted version of Christ’s story on the stage. Ian Gillian(Deep Purple) rocked as Jesus Christ in the original version.

The musical is staged in the Music Academy, Chennai on 6th and 7th of August, 2004. However, this is by another production called Hot Shoe Company(?) and I am not sure what kind of an adaptation this will be. Still, I’m curious, just for the Superstar song, to check-in and see the rocking Christ, live.

BTW, if you have the Vijay TV feed, do check-in today at 9 pm , for the Lollu Sabha where the Sagalai Vs Raghalai Santhanam plays a spoof on Virumandi. This show has come back after a long time and last week, the spoof on Autograph was cool.