Jesus in Jeans, rocking Chennai

The hit musical Jesus Christ Superstar is here in Chennai during the weekend. I had seen this rock musical on Star World few years back on a Christmas Eve and I should say it was too nice for a musical. This was a musical by the Andrew Lloyd Webber. They producers of A R Rahman’s Bombay Dreams.

With Michael Bolton look-alike Jesus played by Glenn Carter, in the present version, dressed in pyjama and sometimes in jeans, it was one of the most modern adapted version of Christ’s story on the stage. Ian Gillian(Deep Purple) rocked as Jesus Christ in the original version.

The musical is staged in the Music Academy, Chennai on 6th and 7th of August, 2004. However, this is by another production called Hot Shoe Company(?) and I am not sure what kind of an adaptation this will be. Still, I’m curious, just for the Superstar song, to check-in and see the rocking Christ, live.

BTW, if you have the Vijay TV feed, do check-in today at 9 pm , for the Lollu Sabha where the Sagalai Vs Raghalai Santhanam plays a spoof on Virumandi. This show has come back after a long time and last week, the spoof on Autograph was cool.

Glass-bangles Vinayaka (OR) Beauty is skin deep?

Guest Blog #26 – Anand C

Two films that make the cut as ones I recommend to friends who want to watch “good” tamil movies (apart from the usual suspects) are Pudhiya Padhai and HouseFull. To me, both are fresh even today. However, not many people appreciate the recommendations. Their main peeve: could not tolerate the hero’s (R Parthiban) face!

Parthiban is definitely not the only actor to receive this treatment… this piece from a recent interview with him (mainly discussing Kudaikkul Mazhai) caught my eye:

I was once invited to the first birthday party of my friend’s baby. I had only a 50-paise coin with me. How does one buy a gift with 50-paise?

An idea dawned on me. I bought four glass bangles and broke them into pieces. With the carved broken pieces, I created a Vinayaka. Then, I wrapped the gift beautifully and presented it in style. When I visited them next, I saw my Vinayaka prominently displayed in the front room.

My eyes turned moist with joy. When you put your heart and soul into any creation, it will surely bring joy to all. I apply the same logic in my movies too.

The sincerity of his conviction to be different definitely hit home…

Acceptance of Nana Patekar and the recent recognition of Om Puri (with an OBE) notwithstanding, one wonders if we still live in a world where beauty is skin deep, and those who aren’t fortunate enough to be fair-skinned get step-child treatment…

Parody Lost, Never Re-gained – Vasool Raja MBBS

vasool raja mbbs

If Vasool Raja MBBS gets stuck in the courts, leading to a name change as Nice Doctor MBBS or Very Good Doctor MBBS, the doctor team would get happy with Kamalhassan. Currently Vasool Raja MBBS is in the courts for a case filed by doctor association, accusing that the name Vasool Raja MBBS, is a deliberate pull down on the doctors. Well, this is democracy and we are not for/against whomsoever having an issue with the names. Imagine the toast of parody that lost.

Should there be a automatic case filing system in the US against those who make a parody on someone/profession/ celebrity status/recent happening, then Jay Leno, David Letterman, Conan O’Brien and other such midnight talk show people will be the worst hit. What’s amazing about these shows is that they make a parody out of these things so flat that everyone around the globe enjoys them. A parody needn’t always be looked at with a negative outlook. It’s a way to get people understand the truth in a play way method. Who wouldn’t have not enjoyed the jokes of Jay Leno on Clinton, Saddam, Pope, Arnold, The lord of the rings, JK Rowling, Mike Moore and so so on. Have we taken these celebrities/events for granted since then. It’s a way of laughing out the issues but still getting the focus that there are these issue up-the-sleeves to be dealt with.

Vasool Raja MBBS, may be a direct parody on the doctors and their profession. But do you, me or Kamalhassan think that doctors are just money sucking machines. It’s been one of the professions that’s most respected of all times. It’s still the most pure form of service to mankind. Every by-pass surgery done at the Madras Medical Mission gets back a life, Every spinal tinkering at Apollo Hospitals gets someone moving, every ambulance flying around is zipping to save a life, a family and a lovable human. We salute them just like how Kamal alongwith the skeleton salute, in the image above. But, does that alone mean all doctors are demi-gods. A few exceptions are everywhere. Why shouldn’t someone make a comical mock on them.

The worst part, we know that Vasool Raja MBBS is a re-make of Munna Bhai MBBS. Watch the Hindi version and you would join me saying, there is absolutely nothing that rigs the doctors and their values. It infact displays a new fictional approach to hospitality.

Such cases, augmenting all over about the movies aren’t a welcoming move. Let’s have a system that would cleanse, or at least think of cleansing, through parodies. Else we will be become vegetables, of having arts like movies that doesn’t reflect the society. What’s the point, then.