Blame it on who ?

Night Shyamalan‘s Village has finally arrived last week to Chennai. Probably thats one film that I would have expected to release parallel to its hollywood release given the proven audience for Night’s films.

Steven Speilberg’s The Terminal which has won accolades around the world is yet to release in Chennai. Or has it released and gone out of theatres without my knowledge. Can’t comment on that, anything is possible. A similar thing did happen to Steven Spielberg’s Amistad. It released and on the first weekend, less than 20 odd people were found themselves aloof inside the theatre. If that’s funny, here’s more. The 1996 Oscar winner, The English Patient, is yet to release in Chennai. Why would someone release it when you have such a small audience for good films. Blame it on the audience and they blame it back on the distributors.

If Shyamalan’s Village could get kollywood audience amused, we will have some more Shock movies in Tamil. Can’t stand those bad adaptations.

Update : Latha has some nice things to say on herself and also on bloggers [Indian Bloggers especially] in the Guest Blog. Read her blogpost – I, Me, Myself.