Azhagiya Theeye – A Warm Interlude

Azhaghiya Theeye will not move you, will not make you feel nausea with blood baths, will not make you cry in buckets. It is one of those movies where you might find your spirits lifted because of the very light-hearted subject it represents. Prakash Raj and Radha Mohan need to be congratulated for they managed to produce/direct a good movie in a shoe-string budget.

At the same time, it is not a very different movie as it is advertised. Such movies have always sprung out of the dark just like Sollamaley or Kannethire Thondrinaal or Agathiyan‘s Kaadhal Kavithai and so so. When you make a movie with at such low costs as what Prakash Raj says you rely on heavily on the story and the actors. Both have done their part well. Be it Prasanna who is caught in an unexpected situation or that Kumaravel as Chitappa, have done a great job in the acting department. Navya Nair would still need some time to apply acting gears.

What I loved about the movie is the references in dialogues to other movies. From Mannathi Mannan to Boys, the characters continously refer to one or other, the reference to Thiruvilayadal being the best. Radha Mohan should have been a movie buff to have scuh amazing references. Great job dude; from one movie buff to another.

Prakash Raj seems to have acted this role just after Gilli. Especially when he calls Hi! Chandran, it reminds me of Gilli Muthupandi calling Trisha, Hi! Chellam.

Amidst the action masalas and the aruvaa times this is certainly a movie that cools you down, a warm interlude.

Parthiban approves of piracy for Kudaikul Mazhai

Never. That title was just to attract the attention just like Parthiban‘s own ways of alternate advertising. His start-up of a promo company Gossip takes care of the promos for Kudaikul Mazhai. The long awaited movie that has triggered expectation by just its trailers, is releasing this friday.

Today’s dailies featured an adv for Kudaikkul Mazhai. In the ad, Parthiban while approving piracy for his movie, suggests that atleast for the first four weeks if people could restrain from watching pirated video of the movie, the producers can make some money, enough to fix their spendings. An unusual plea. But that’s what you can expect from the very different Parthiban.

Shankar’s Boys had a similar trailer which bragged on the flamboyant production values of the movie and adviced, if the movie was to be seen in the small screen, it would reduce the entertainment levels. Cheran, for his Autograph had a different request to the public. He said if people were to see the movie as a pirated video, if they liked the movie by chance, they can support the movie by sending the cost of a single ticket to him personally. And they said he did get a lot of mails with money attached. I am not sure if this was true but I did read this news in the magazines.

As the proverb goes, producers/directors who are unable to control piracy have sought the help of public who play an important role in this regard. This being the status in Kollywood, the Telugu cinedom boasts of having controlled the piracy to a large extent. And my friends who come from that state confirm it’s true. We should probably adapt some best practices from there. But who will answer the mega failure of Gharshana in telugu, the remake of tamil super-hit Kakkha Kakkha. Is that a question to ponder over ?