Searching Annalakshmi

You’re right. It’s that same Abirami who did a great role as Annalakshmi in Virumandi. With the kind of rave reviews she got with the media, one would assume that she would mint millions in the years to come. But what happened was very common to kollywood. Guess ?

Apart from the reviews it was a lifetime role for her. She did an amazing job competing in the acting dept with Kamalhassan in Virumandi. A rare thing these heroines do with Kamal. Exceptions include SriDevi, Oorvasi and few others. Since then, she hasn’t been seen in any of the so-called BIG movies. Worse, not even in the small movies. I think she has completely forgotten how to drive to AVM studios. The last she was seen was on the Vijay TV’s Starudan Oru Naal show. One more. Remember PithaMahan. Sangeetha did play a decent part there. Result, nothing. I believe she hasn’t had a movie since then.

Kollywood has a flamboyant history of dumping down the talented. After a good film, either these talented don’t show away or they get stuck in a primetime tele serial. With the fate of the talented being this in kollywood, the news reports say, that Rajini’s Chandramukhi might have Simran /Jothika. You know what would be a better bet.