Evan Williams moves on

Evan Williams, the founder of Blogger leaves Google. Ever since Google had acquired blogger in Feb 2003, Ev was a part of Google. On his blog, he announces that he is leaving Blogger/Google. Without allowing for much speculation, he also answers the probable questions that might crop up on the event of him moving on.

Bloggers will directly/indirectly miss this ‘Evan’gelist but it looks like he has some idea of what to do next and probably will come out with another revolutionary service as Blogger. If you are a blogger, you can see his goodbye note on your Blogger dashboard, in Blogger news section.

Tamil Hits (!) – People's Choice

With SCV Channel going live for most of the day, people call in throughout the day to request songs of their choice.

Some observations from the requests. The great Sirichu Sirichu Vandhaa Seena Thaana song from Vasool Raja seems to be topping the requests. Every hour atleast it’s been asked for nearly 5 times and played thrice. Every hour. Appidi Podu from Gilli ranks second. Reema Sen’s dance number May madham song from Jay Jay is also one of the top requests.

Lessons learnt – Item numbers are people’s choice. Appidi Podu isn’t a item number in the literal sense. The other two are certainly the best examples available. This being a representation of what people ask for, you know why producers and directors are hell bent on having Item numbers on their movies. What you ask for is What you get.

On a related note, a program on Zee Music called Item bomb, seems to bring a tease club into the drawing rooms. Item Bomb is an India wide search for bombshell girls who want to dance Item Numbers in the ‘worthy’ Bollywood movies.

Being called as a reality show, they follows closely the participant girl of the show and bring on-screen their prepartion and the performances during prelim rounds. It looks like show for Peeping Toms. Reality TV is been screwed up, completely. Why wouldn’t we think of rating the TV shows. This one would be rated A++ or RR.

DDLJ – Eight Years & still going on

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge
[Pic: hindu.com]

The Hindu spotlights on Aditya Chopra’s Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, which is still running as a single show in a Mumbai theatre Maratha Mandir.

DDLJ could possibly be the movie running so long in the history of cinema but all that I am concerned is about the projection guy in the theatre. It was a speculation that a projection attendant in a theatre where Jackie Shroff‘s Hero crossed a couple of years, went a little abnormal. It was said that looking at the same movie throughout the day, for years, affected his thinking patterns. If that is true(which I am unsure of ), then the similar guy in this theatre should also be shown some concern.

While it’s accepted that DDLJ was superb entertainer and Kajol was a major drool-over then, I am suprised at the longevity of the movie in theatres. What about video piracy here ?

This current template of my

This current template of my blog is completely consumed. I feel a need for change. I am contemplating for quite sometime about it. No Idea when it would be implemented.

I have been using this template for more than 2 years. This was actually a template in blogger and when I moved to movable type, I tweaked the css to get that same look and feel. It looks stale now to me. Thats pretty much how things are in life. A philosophy thats well understood by experience than being told.

Meanwhile, I’m still mourning over my camera’s sudden paralysis. This Chennai traffic literally bogs me down to move all the way to Blacker’s road and get the camera fixed.

While my yawning like this lazily, do send any suggestions, comments on the present/new template. Would appreciate.

Poongatru Thirumbuma ?…

Sivaji Vs Sivaji in Gauravam
[Pic: hindu.com]

Not many would be as lucky as us to witness this greatest actor of the last century. If you think that Sivaji Ganesan shouldn’t be called like that, you hadn’t probably seen the essence of his acting, still.

There are lot of movies that one could re-collect, while talking about Sivaji. Apart from all those Paasamalar, Paavamaippu types, which I love, there are a couple of movies that I feel that were radical in Sivaji’s career.

One, Uthama Puthiran which re-defined tamil cinema’s horizon. Sivaji in dual roles, as the vivacious and the pleasant Parthiban, was at his best. Especially as Vikraman he displayed plethora of emotions and also paved way for splendiferous anti-hero roles. Who would forget the classy moving camera shots and the amazing Yaaradi Nee Mohini dance sequence. It was well ahead of time and was path breaking.

Two, Muthal Mariyadhai which showed that Sivaji has grown over period and has learnt the art of adapting roles that would well suit his age. It was in a way the making of the older Sivaji. Bharathiraja‘s taste for village romance and Sivaji’s tact of getting deep into the skin’s character met chords. The old man – young woman romance of Mudhal Mariyadhai was in a way a brisk effort by Bharathiraja and Sivaji elevated the movie to different heights. Forget not the excellant performace ‘foul mouthed’ Vadivukarasi. And ofcourse, the Poongatru Thirumbuma wonder song by Illayaraja. Chef-d’oeuvre.

Having lost Sivaji Ganesan to the good old destiny, I couldn’t wish him Happy B’day Dude!!, rather earn for his return to the acting deprived Kollywood. Hence will that Poongatru Thirumbuma [breeze come back ] ?.

The Zen of Blogging

Blogs mean different things to different people. And the advantage is that you can write about `anything’. There are no rules and no boundaries. I can write a blog about how painful it is to wait for 10 minutes with three others for the office elevator and land on the wrong floor (It sucks!). This might not mean anything to you, but probably, someday in the distant future, someone who has had a similar experience might relate to it.

The Hindu yet again ex-posits on Blogs. This time it’s called The Zen of Blogging.