Swades Music for We, the People

Sharukh, Swades and Junta

A R Rahman and Ashutosh are back and their combo is working magic up the charts. Rahman’s music for Ashutosh’s Swades (not the english swades but the hindi swa des) has its moments of brilliance.

If you weren’t aware then, Swades, as defined by Ashutosh Gowariker, is a movie that talks about Mohan Bhargav [Shah Rukh Khan] who realises it’s high time we stop dreaming about greener pastures abroad and giving a blind eye to our responsibilities at home.

The music was released a week back and the reaction to it seems very positive. It was a music that I was expecting for sometime now and was happy to discover that it released much in advance. With Javed Akthar penning the lyrics the music give us a brief outline on the feel of the movie. AR Rahman seems to be the similar Rahman as what we saw in Rangeela or Roja. He manages to keep his music fresh and makes listening to his music a seraphic experience.

Swades consits of 7 numbers and two instrumental numbers, one with flute and the other with the Rahman’s own favorite Shehnai.

Yun Hi Chalaa Chal number rocks high. My top favorite of this album. Starting with Hariharan humming Pama…Phani…Nidha…Thapa, this one has both electric and acoustic guitars stringing around in perfect tandem. Bring back the younger Rahman back in action. Udit leading the singing vocals as Hari Haran humming on high note in the back. That hum of Rumthum Thaanana Rathuthum Thaanana is infectious and would prompt you start humming, instantly.

Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera has ARR himself singing for the rather slow piece. Accompanied with a Shehnai and a single string in the background, this is one is a kind of sober theme song. Brilliant Chorus and ofcourse, the well held in voice of AR Rahman makes this one a worthy listening. This one is going to be THE feel of Swades.

Pal Pal Bhaari has Madhusree, Ashutosh and a Mridangam. A Ramleela told in an authentic music format. Very Desi. You might get the feel of Marghazhi Thingal Allavaa song from Sangamam here. It’s true too.

A continously pleasant drum roll running throughout can’t alone make a melody. So AR Rahman stops this roll for sometime and shifts to a folk beat in the middle of the most melodious Saanwariya, rendered excellantly by Alka Yagnik. She does remind me of Sadhana Sargam at times which could be attributed to Sadhana singing many ARR numbers. A true oasis of a melody.

Aahista Aahista reminds me of a similar melod from ARR before but can’t get which one it is. Probably the most low profiled song in Swades but has a give lot of scope to the rather very fast paced Udit and makes him slow down.

Yeh Tara Woh Tara starts exactly how an ARR song would start, continues exactly the same way and ends just as expected. Some songs get the status of being the first number in the CD. This one has such an aura and is the opening song of the CD. The flute interlude is notable here and ofcourse Master Vignesh(I think it’s the kid who sang the starting bit of Chikku Bukku Railu) vocals brings infront a vivid picture of the song.

Dekho Na should have been clearly out of this album. Not the kind of song for this original movie. Dekho Na is the hindi version of Baba Kichhu Kichu Tha from Rajini’s Baba. Except for very tiny changes, most of tune is ripped off from that song. I shouldn’t be saying ripped off because it was Rahman who scored that song also in Tamil. Rahman could have probably scored a seperate number instead of recycling it.

The music will certainly win appreciation and will be a good preface for the movie. But I only hope Ashutosh doesn’t fall a prey to the expectation trap and get caught in the nationalism funda for his movies. There are too many stories lying beyond nationalism which calls to be made into movies and rare-breed directors like Ashutosh.