The Diwali that just went by

Giving a live commentary of deepavali is getting a little boring. Thats even to me but I just can’t resist this one.

The fireworks stuff, I think just got better over the years. South India has really adopted the crack the crakers in the night from the north over the last couple of decades. Tonight was a gala night as the skies lighted with the colors of fireworks. Sounds everywhere. Near ones, distant ones, echoed ones, lighted ones and what not.

Six years back, on a diwali evening, when me and my friend were driving desperately to Woodlands Drive-In, it was just zero visibility due to crackers, over T.Nagar and we just prayed not to bump on some poor pedestrian. Tonight wasn’t a similar one. The visibility was quite normal. Some kids say that in schools, their teachers were highly dis-couraging them of bursting crackers due to pollution. With half of the kids having this excuse and the other half glued to their television sets watching Baba and Azhagiya Theeye, the crackers have certainly lost a lil bit of their charm.

On televisions, Kamal Hasan ruled the day. Jaya TV’s 3 hour long show named Kalakka Povathu…Kamal, where Kamal had several guests like SPB, Chitra, Manorama and many others visiting him and sharing their experiences of working with him. All this and they also rendered some nicest songs. SPB sang the all-time hit, Kamban Yemaandaan and had Kamal to do lip sync for that. It was nearly perfect and SPB said this was a kind of soul sharing which he and Kamal had. Goosebumps. By popular expectation, Kamal sang that fantastical Anbe Sivam number in the end. Can’t have ended it better.

Trisha on a special interview was completely cool and seemed to be all herself. After a long time it was like witnessing a lead girl from the tinsel world who could shed all those fantasies surronding her and could talk sense. While talking about her Aayitha Ezhuthu experience she remembered how Mani Ratnam, to keep the crew’s spirit high, wore a life jacket and dived into the beach along with Sidharth and her during the shoot of Hey !! Goodbye Nanba. Long sentence that was.

Anniyan Vikram was on the ECR roads waving Happy Deepavali to strangers and giving them a sweet surprise. His long hair also says Anniyan is still on sets. Let’s hope they can make it to pongal. On Baba, Rajini is busy using that sixth mantra. Baba…Cinema Cinema.