A dream coming true…

Kanaa Kanden
[Pic :hindu.com]

If I were to start listing from PC Sreeram, the list would continue like this. PC Sreeram[Meera], Santhosh Sivan[Terrorist], Rajeev Menon[Minsaara Kanavu], Jeeva[12b] and now KV Anand. You know what the list is about. KV Anand joins the list of cameraman-turned-director with his new flick Kanaa Kanden.

Kanaa Kanden will have Srikanth and Gopika[Vandallo Vandallo] star the movie with Vidyasagar on the tunes and Subha[Suresh & Balaji] with the dialogues. Hindu says, Kanaa Kandein is a racy romantic thriller. The photo and the ads are already out and they look classy. Anand remarks that he missed Swades and Anniyan for persuing this one. Hopefully this venture would make him forget that fact.