Kamal – Ananthu – Jean Claude Carriere

Jean Claude Carriere

Hurray !! This was what I was looking for.

In an interview, after Ananthu‘s demise, Kamal Hassan recollected his thoughts on Ananthu, his mentor, very effusively. While he agreed that its time to move on with Ananthu’s memories, he remarked about his recent friendship with a french playwright who helped him with the French version of Marudhanayagam’s screenplay. I did blog this on my Marudhanayagam blogpost. I did miss that French playwright’s name when it was mentioned by Kamal. From then on, I was on lookout for the playwright’s name and unfortunately Kamal didn’t talk about him in media.

Now, in his recent Vikatan column, Love Pannuda Mavaney, he writes about his acquaintance with that french playwright. Jean Claude Carriere. And he details the meetings and the passionate discussions on cinema that he shared alongwith Carriere for 3 weeks in London. Kamal Hassan describes about the initial meeting with Carriere and how Carriere was impressed with the English version of Marudhanayagam’s screenplay which lead to Carriere accepting to script the French version for a throwaway price.

After Virumandi, when Kamal called up on Carriere, he was introduced by Carriere to Milos Forman, the director of hits like Amadeus[on the genius of Mozart] and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

The column is in Tamil and its a must read, especially if you have heard the name Kamal Hassan.