A not so important post

Am on a Saarang high, over the weekend. As usual they don’t allow photograhic equipment inside the Open Air Theatre. So the digital camera that I carry along would be frisked. Hence, will post some pictures taken outside. Picture postcards of current fashion.

My mom celebrated the silver jubliee year of Sumeet mixie in our house. It was bought somewhere in the early 1980 when I was still a crying mama in the kindergarten. It stills rotates faster(!) to make yummy Thenga Chutney and Pudhina Thugayal. May sound trivial. But I am just thinking, as engineering gets better, do the contemporary products have better life. To think back, our B/W Solidaire lived longer than our recent color Videocon television. I understand the usage has increased but still. I am not sure how long my philips ‘digital’ television will continue to show images un-distorted ? I hope it happens sooner than two years. A plasma television might just come barge into my drawing room, only then.