Rahul Saxena. Who's that ?

Rahul Saxena

Rahul Saxena wouldn’t have featured here if I wouldn’t have heard him sing. He wouldn’t even be known to a 1000 people throughout his life if only he didn’t participate in Sony’s Indian Idol competition. Today Rahul Saxena is a hero. A true spirited gentleman.

Rahul came into the competition with a great singing talent but had no clue that he could also become an Indian Idol. He didn’t have a great personality of a Pop star. He was just the average joe from the Indian middle class. Obviously because of his singing gift and quaint charm, he rose up to the top 10 singers category in the competition. The short-listed singers were made to stay in a star hotel. Rahul became a friend of all. He had an attitude that made everyone love him and his voice that was as nice as him.

Today, on an elimination round of Indian Idol, there were 8 singers alongwith Rahul Saxena. Based on yesterday’s round of singing, Indians had voted through SMS. Shockingly, Rahul was eliminated today. The audience were dismayed. His fellow participants Aditi and Amit Sana were literally crying. The judges were completely blown-away. Farah Khan couldn’t believe the scene and was in tears. Sonu Nigam seemed to be the most upset off all. For me it was the only show where the judges cried on a participant’s fate.

Rahul stood nearly in tears but chose to sing a bye-bye song. The crowd alongwith the judges gave him a standing ovation and he was still there in the middle, singing as merrily as ever. Entusiasm is infectious. Rahul Saxena proved it yet-another-time.

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