Bought, finally, I mean finally, after a long long wait. Intially when I was looking for a domain two years back, was booked by someone so I had to settle down with Then the domain got released but was locked by the registrar. I had to talk with the registrar and bought it for an inflated price. Thanks to enom for that.

If only IE never had a control+enter shortcut key for .com domains, .com would never be felt as the lovable single child of internet domains. Other domains are now made to look as orphans. I am prey to that shortcut key.

For time being, I’m planning to re-direct to the current site [] itself. You don’t have change bookmarks from your blog at all. To do a permanent switch, I am searching for tools that can change the links on this blog and repoint appropriately to Do let me know if you are aware of such tools.