Chandramukhi Music Review

Other than Vidyasagar getting a neat break with Rajini film, was there anything special about Chandramukhi‘s music. But who wants to write a music review for a Thalaivar movie. I am not Anti-Rajini. I like him and hence to make him proud, no review/preview stuff for music. But then here is the sort-of-one-liner [not necessarily] for them.

a) Annanoda Pattu – A typical Kolla Kuthu Vidyasagar song. For Karthik it was Maya Maya [Baba]. This time it’s KK. Neat job but some bad pronunciation. Didn’t like KK crying, Ah!! Ah!!. Made it seem seem like a moan.

b) Devuda Devuda – Vidyasagar wants to compete the opening build-up music for Rajini, with ARR’s Muthu music. Never. Who else except SPB could do it for Rajini’s opening song. Shankar Mahadevan himself didn’t impress for the Baba song. SPB delivers. What a way to reach the high pitch and say Repeatuu. Cool.

c) Kokku Para Para – Cute song. Seems like an ARR song for a Rajini movie. Wonderful Harmony.

d) Athinthom – Did I hear Maankuyiley Poonguiley recently ? Very close to that Illayaraja classic. Don’t agree with me ? Listen once more. Yet again it’s SPB’s forte for such numbers.

e) Konjam Neram – Decent melody. May not have been in this album if not for Prabhu-Jyothika pair. I hope so at least. Madhu Balakrishnan’s voice suits Prabhu. Asha pronounces Alagu for Azhaghu. Could have used a Tamil singer. Honestly, I like Asha and Sadana Sargam singing except for their bad Tamil.

f) Raa Raa – Smokers, take a break. A classical number to move the movie. Very enjoyable except for the haunting voice that interrupts and pronounces kala kala kala kala. I know the movie plot is based there but then as an album the song fails because of that.

Pretty mediocre for a Vidyasagar album. He has given better ones before.

Marks ? 1190 out of 100 like Thengai Seenivasan rating Rajini in the Thillu Mullu interview. Remember Iyampettai Aruvadainambi Kaliyaperumal Indran. Same stuff. Rajini is out of the rating race, read more, for his fans.