Gossips Galore

Anniyan gets pushed to May 15th, for Chandramukhi. Hope they come on the same day. Not for the wait but just curious about the results.

Mumbai Xpress also gets post-poned. Not because of Chandramukhi but due to post production jobs.

Prakash Raj’s ropes Priya, an assistant of Mani Ratnam for his next production. Thats news. Gossip is that KB also directs a film named Poi, for Prakash Raj’s production house. Is that a Poi/lie ?

Mani Ratnam kicks off story discussion for his next film starting April 2005 with all new stars. A friend close to Madras Talkies mailed.

Chandramukhi Countdown27 more days to Devuda Devuda.

Vasanth's 9:30 to 10

Director Vasanth
[Pic – Hindu]

This was something that I was looking for a long long long time. Vasanth‘s break from Kollywood seemed like a mystery to me. Though he was associated with many charity programs and was also directing Ashokamitran‘s Thaneer, he was out of the mainstream kollywood for sometime now.

After Keladi Kanmani and Nee Paathi Naan Paathi[remember gowthami’s Nivedha song], like Mani Ratnam, Vasanth was also one of my favorites. Not just because he was from the KB group but because he had an elegant down-to-earth approach in telling stories. Aasai which was an offbeat thriller was cute. Not only Vasanth gave a fresh life to Ajith’s dying cinema career but also established Prakash Raj after his first tamil film Duet.

Nerukku Naer seemed more of a Agni Nakshathiram rehash but still was a good college movie. And I saw it couple of times for that Engenge Engenge song where Surya was still running behind Simran in the streets of Kolkatta. Povellam Kettu Paar was more of a Crazy Mohan movie than Vasanth’s. I still feel Vasanth has the ability to ground his movies well and there is a good amount of urban middle-class crowd that will enjoy his movies.

Looks like his next flick with Surya, 9:30 to 10:00 talks about the changes in two peoples life in just 30 minutes. 9:30 to 10, sounded like a serial timing on the cable. Thats when you get to Chithi/ Annamalai or Selvi. I think it’s not about it. Vasanth’s comeback sounds exciting to me. But don’t tell me he will rope Deva as the music director, again. Let’s have Illayaraja or ARR.

Yahoo 360 Blogging Service

So that completes the circle. Google – MSN and now Yahoo. Yahoo 360, a service that looks like a mix of Blogger and Orkut. I should say it more like the MSN Spaces rather than the Blogger + Orkut stuff.

The service isn’t active yet but looks like Beta service will be launched very soon. I haven’t seen many interesting blogs on MSN Spaces. So what is yahoo trying to do when they have a killer app like Blogger owned by Google, which rocks. Doing for the sake of doing doesn’t help anyone, I say.

RK Narayanan's My America

Few Indians in America make any attempt to integrate in American cultural or social life. So few visit an American home or a theater or an opera, or try to understand the American psyche. An Indian’s contact with the American is confined to his colleagues working along with him and to an official or seminar luncheon. He may also mutter a “Hi!” across the fence to an American neighbor while lawn-mowing. At other times one never sees the other except by appointment, each family being boxed up in their homes securely behind locked doors.

After he has equipped his new home with the latest dish-washer, video, etc., with two cars in the garage and acquired all that the others have, he sits back with his family counting his blessings. Outwardly happy, but secretly gnawed by some vague discontent and aware of some inner turbulence or vacuum, he cannot define which. All the comfort is physically satisfying, he has immense “job satisfaction” and that is about all.

RK Narayan’s My America is a simple-yet-devastatingly ironical look of an Indian’s American life. This article of RK Narayan was written for Hindu’s Frontline in 1985. I keep reading and re-reading this but now I am starting to appreciate it better. My America has the classical writing style of RKN. Very subtle, very genius.

Sujatha had written a similar article called Vellinaattu Mogam Konda Ilaignargalukku which was even more straight-from-the-heart and hard-hitting. I had just too many discussions on this with my friends. The last few were with Balaji and Latha. But don’t worry, to pick up a discussion on this again, is a cake walk for me. I’m ready !!

Chandramukhi Music Review

Other than Vidyasagar getting a neat break with Rajini film, was there anything special about Chandramukhi‘s music. But who wants to write a music review for a Thalaivar movie. I am not Anti-Rajini. I like him and hence to make him proud, no review/preview stuff for music. But then here is the sort-of-one-liner [not necessarily] for them.

a) Annanoda Pattu – A typical Kolla Kuthu Vidyasagar song. For Karthik it was Maya Maya [Baba]. This time it’s KK. Neat job but some bad pronunciation. Didn’t like KK crying, Ah!! Ah!!. Made it seem seem like a moan.

b) Devuda Devuda – Vidyasagar wants to compete the opening build-up music for Rajini, with ARR’s Muthu music. Never. Who else except SPB could do it for Rajini’s opening song. Shankar Mahadevan himself didn’t impress for the Baba song. SPB delivers. What a way to reach the high pitch and say Repeatuu. Cool.

c) Kokku Para Para – Cute song. Seems like an ARR song for a Rajini movie. Wonderful Harmony.

d) Athinthom – Did I hear Maankuyiley Poonguiley recently ? Very close to that Illayaraja classic. Don’t agree with me ? Listen once more. Yet again it’s SPB’s forte for such numbers.

e) Konjam Neram – Decent melody. May not have been in this album if not for Prabhu-Jyothika pair. I hope so at least. Madhu Balakrishnan’s voice suits Prabhu. Asha pronounces Alagu for Azhaghu. Could have used a Tamil singer. Honestly, I like Asha and Sadana Sargam singing except for their bad Tamil.

f) Raa Raa – Smokers, take a break. A classical number to move the movie. Very enjoyable except for the haunting voice that interrupts and pronounces kala kala kala kala. I know the movie plot is based there but then as an album the song fails because of that.

Pretty mediocre for a Vidyasagar album. He has given better ones before.

Marks ? 1190 out of 100 like Thengai Seenivasan rating Rajini in the Thillu Mullu interview. Remember Iyampettai Aruvadainambi Kaliyaperumal Indran. Same stuff. Rajini is out of the rating race, read more, for his fans.

One more desi dosa reason

to become an Amazon member. I know that you can walk into a desi store, where, the door bell rings when you open the door and buy a Dosa mix. But then, being online is online.

BTW, I am not very choosy with food but while in the US, these things tend to get your taste buds, belligerent. Just mentioning this because the last posts were on food and you might end up thinking me as a Gadothgaja.

Starbucks-ing my life


This is something for which most desis nod heads with me. From the suda suda filter coffee in davara tumbler to the slogan on the coffee cup saying, The beverage you are going to enjoy contains hot liquid, I’m learning to accomodate.

Starbucks is beginning to be a costly replacement for my Indian Filter Coffee. Yet I’m becoming comfortable to walk to into a Starbucks Coffee shop and order in a single breath “Hey, How-u-doing, Mocha-Tall. Make it extra hot. No whipped cream. You see, I’m already going bonker bonks with the cheese thrust”. Get the covered coffee cup, open again and add sugar-like-stuff to make it sweeter. Yesterday, trying to act smart, I added some cane sugar and you must have seen my face go all eight directions.

If you didn’t know, Starbucks, the American Coffee shop revolution, started in Seattle. I knew that just a week back. While I landed, I was surprised to see a Starbucks at evey corner of a street. Not anymore. So if you are anywhere in Seattle downtown, you might be just 50 feet away from a Starbucks.

I am starting to love all the Cappuccinos, Lattes, Mochas and Espressos. Just as I enjoyed the ambience in the Chennai Barista, I’m enjoying the crowd here. Geeks sitting around with a cordless mouse and working on their laptops connected to the wireless hotspot, Women – while sipping their Caramel Mocha adjusting their upperlip lipstick on a handy mirror, a gentleman on the blue shirt and a thick reddish tie relaxedly reading The Seattle Times, a middle aged woman reading just the first page of The New Yorker and me still stirring the cane sugar in the Mocha. Vivid Images inside a Starbucks Shop. Enjoyable.

P.S: My laptop is still adjusting to the WI-FI. So it might take a week before I do some Vetti Banda stuff of blogging from Starbucks and name the post, The First Post From Starbucks On My Laptop. What a boast that was !! I hear you saying Lazy finally becomes GEEK !! Atleast I hope.

There is this very interesting

There is this very interesting discussion going on in the comments section on Kamal Hassan, his movies, his personality and all-things-Kamal. All this with comparison to other directors like Mani Ratnam and Bala. I’ve done this before at length, both verbally and in writing, in the blog and with friends. Sometimes got myself flamed for it too.

What I am doing now is just watching this space like any other lazygeek reader. One of the joys of blogging comes like this as a conglomerate of ideas and thoughts. I enjoy it. Thanks dudes.

Rediff Review Righta Thappa ?

Righta Thappa has good reviews coming in. Here is Shobha Warrier’s review in Rediff. As usual she re-tells the story of Righta Thappa in the review. Forget that. Shobha is full of praises for R Bhuvana, the director of Righta Thappa. While, I am sure the movie is going to be good the review makes me skeptical.

From the way the film has turned out, she can call herself successful.

Given Rediff’s recent reviewing talents, I am afraid if this is the feministic thing that’s going on.

P.S – If you hate to believe me, there is this Shobha De advertisement next to the review. Probably co-incidential but then makes for a good joke.