Kamal bikes through life

Kamal Hassan in Mumbai Express
[Pic : Vikatan]

After a week of being alienated from the kollywood world, I was hoping that this interview[need uid/pass] of Kamal for Vikatan would be a refresher. It was, it wasn’t.

Even as Kamal Hassan starts of the full-time promo for his latest flick, Mumbai Express, he doubles it to take on the group who are asking to give Mumbai Express, a tamil title. While this was the same with Sandiyar/Virumandi movie, he spoke about the issue just before the release of the movie. That was on his interview to Madan for Vijay Tv. This time, surprisingly, he is charged against them even before the music of the movie has been released.

As he opens-up on Mumbai Express, he details the hi-tech slums of Mumbai and the lifestyle of India’s business capital. Kamal as Avinasi makes a living by driving the dangerous circus bikes. While he is sure that there won’t be any issues to release Mumbai Express alongwith Chandramukhi, he calls the new generation actors to make peace. Ajith and Vijay, are you listening ?

If only hope the interview had stopped there. When our mindful(!?) interviewer touches on personal issues, Kamal tries to be comfortable but ends up being shallow and little arrogant with his answers. He probably should have chosen not to answer questions about his relationship with Gowtami and his divorce with Sarika. But then who wants to be dubbed as a snob in this senstive kollywood industry.

Especially when he conveys that he doesn’t comply with the marriage school-of-thought and when he substantiates his two marriages, they stand out to be silly. Sorry Kamal, better luck next time. But you chuck that out. I’m already expecting Mumbai Express to be release in April for two reasons. One for Kamal Hassan and two, Illayaraja.

Sleep-less in Seattle

Oh !! yeah, I am probably sleeping too much here and that’s a note to myself.

Apologize dudes, I logged out without any notice and it’s been one of my biggest breaks from the blog. Thank for all those assumptions/wishes in the previous post that included being abducted by aliens, aadi maasam cry and sowkiyama stuff. I thoroughly enjoyed them. Someone with the nick ‘an old friend’ had guessed it partly. However, it wasn’t a post that was intended to make you guys blink but just a FYI note to say that I may not be able to update the blog everyday as it was from India.

Anyway, I loved the movie, Sleepless in Seattle. Just for Tom Hanks. Had never expected to be here anyday. Microsoft is just a stroll away from here. Like Chicago, Seattle too has an unpredictable climate. Not-so-cold-not-so-warm types. Rain comes down often without bothering you too much. To be straight, this one is a hillstation like our Ooty. Been wandering on the downtown area for the last week and I’ve lost couple of kgs by that, given the steep roads. Went to a Udipi Cafe last night and nice masala dosa after a week.

Just one more week and I would settle down to start blogging from home. Chennai guys, enjoy Saravana Bhavan and Sun Tv(!!). I’m deprived of them(again !!). This is called as desi crib and it’s starts right here for me.