A Post Of Questions

Do you know ? Google’s “70% engineers” consume, 2300 lbs of chicken, 1600 lbs of coffee, 500 lbs of pasta and 112 lbs of wheatgrass. Apart from this there are some worthy stuff that’s happening in Google, including the Google Earth intiative. Just in case, if you have tons of bandwidth to spare, check out the webcast of Google’s Factory Tour. Also flip through the presentation.

Haven’t you unplugged the bad IPODs ? I just did after reading this scary Newsweek article, A Little Bit Louder, Please, that still resonates in my ear. If you are still busy listening to a loud shout of Aerosmith this what they say – One study estimates that as many as 5.2 million children in the United States between 6 and 19 have some hearing damage from amplified music and other sources. If they don’t take steps to protect their hearing, the iPod Generation faces the same fate as the Woodstock Generation. Or worse.

How Jobs turned the iPod into an icon ?. This man, Steve Jobs never stops from being impressive.

Sacred Cows, Their Horns talks about the protests gone wrong. Why and what went wrong with Jo Bole So Nihaal ?

Why India is searching for Edisons in Dozens ?. A long read but truly makes sense to me.