Kojam Overa Theriyala !!

Thats Simbhu and Nayanthaara in Vallavan. Looks like this poster got the film into trouble. As India Glitz reports, Simbhu must enjoying the publicity, the movie is getting even before it’s launch.

I am not certainly not in support of these baloney protests. When songs like Cheena Thaana can get into the living rooms through cable, there are no issues in children looking at Simbu biting the lips on their way to school. It’s a similar controversy that got Shankar’s Boys back to the box. While Boys was a honest try of Shankar, I am not sure of the intentions behind this poster. But such protests have become an everyday affair and there has to someone regulating these protests.

The more interesting information on Vallavan includes three heroines including Nayanthara, Sandhya and the famous Reema Sen. Adding more to the spice, Simbhu directs the movie, himself. No, I didn’t say that the title of this post was relating to this. While Manmadan was a good effort if not a great one, Simbhu should probably be looking a getting a grip on the hero dominated kollywood rather than wearing the director hat. Ramp-up Remo !! Slowdown Simbhu !!