Captain Teaming up !!

[Pic – Obviously India Glitz]

With Rajinikanth clearing-off his political intentions, I was hoping that kollywood and politics will be dis-jointed in the near future. If only it happened, it would have been a welcoming move for the kollywood fans. We would have less of camera facing dialogues and more of story oriented scripts. Vijay and Simbhu types would talk less to camera and more as characters. We wouldn’t have movies being released under tremendous pressure during their release times because of the political air running across, like what happened with Rajini’s Muthu.

As Vijaykanth gets ready kickstart his party on September 14 at Madurai, those dreams are slowly turning into nightmares. Vijayakanth kept his word and has to appreciated for that. Only that he delayed his entry into politics, he kept the words to his fans on forming a political party. For the starters, last year he promised to enter politics with a party of his own on April 14th. The decision stayed but the dates got shifted by another 5 months.

What else should we say except, times have changed since MGR and we have seen the extreme moodswings with Tamil Nadu voters. Good Luck !!