Lazy Casting !!

Here you go. My first blogcast/podcast whatever you want to name it. Blogger‘s own Audioblogger, allows you to call a US number and leave a message which is then converted into a mp3 file[approx 1k/per second], named as audioblog. I took a quick spin with registering my mobile and heck it was done within seconds.

Basically I’ve done a quick review of Anniyan followed by a commentary on Page 3 recieving the national award for Best Picture. For those who are regular to this silly space, will know (!!) what my reactions are. For others, I’m strictly warning not to listen and develop an instant enmity. Proceed no further.

this is an audio post - click to play

If you have listened to that lazycast and still reading this, apologize for that. Wasn’t a joke played on you but on myself. Only after the sign-up, when I listened to my voice on the PC, I had second thoughts and hence this. Jokes apart, and my intentions on podcast left apart, I will posting audio blogs here at lazycast(e?).

If you are in US, try Audio Blogger.