7 Rajinis & 10 Kamals

As for the remuneration, Rajnikant’s formula is a combination of a fee plus a share in profits, it is learnt. In that respect, he reportedly took home anywhere between Rs 15 cr to Rs 20 cr. That has already made him the top earner among stars, not only in India, but also Asia, next only to Jackie Chan.

And he is now said to have worked out a 50:50 profit sharing formula with AVM Productions for Sivaji. That is sure to increase his earning potential to anywhere between Rs 20 cr and Rs 25 cr and catapult him even higher.

I’m going bonker bonks. 25 cr for just one movie is one hell of a money for an actor. Never seen that before in the history of Indian cinema. The tax officials would be witing to get to the source of this article, Can U solve Rajnikant’s biz formula? from ET.

Meanwhile Karthi mails me with a Kumudam reporter ‘report’ that Sivaji storyline might be a case of 7 look-alikes. Rajini seems to have heard a story during his childhood and goes in search of the rest 6 people who look-alike him. With Kamal’s Dasavatharam news adding 10 roles of Kamal we might get to see 7 Rajinis and 10 Kamals. Get ready for sore eyes.