Gajini & 'Un'Selective Amnesia

gajini surya
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Praveen in the comments section of a post rambled that going by the promos, Gajini could well be a rehash of Memento. Seems to be true. To add myself a lil bit of credit, I did think of it initially, when I glimpsed the mottai Surya but never believed completely. Murugadoss’ interview to Hindu nearly confirms it.

It is about a man who has this unusual problem — 15-minute amnesia. Some very interesting things happen in that short period of time. I have done a fight staying in the water for nearly 24 hours,” Surya added.

Honestly Memento isn’t one of my favorites. I love movies with a smart screenplay rather than a good storyline. I did like Memento but I think Christopher Nolan just went over the head with that screenplay stuff. It was mind-blowing. Accepted. But was just too much for someone to handle.

Oru Urula Oru Raja Kumari, a Bhaghyaraj movie failed only because the many twists in screenplay was just too much for the audience to handle. Kadhala Kadhala failed because there was just too much happening in the screenplay that an unassuming audience could grasp, while laughing to the wits. Memento could possibly be classified in that over-the-top genre. However Gajini aka Memento[if it would be] would be a huge step forward for tamil population.

I was hoping that Gajini would have an authentic story line. Murugadoss just disappointed me. I would be happy if Gajini just borrows just the screenplay trick of Memento and has an independently built storyline to feed it. I hope !!