Kamal's Dasavatharam – Navarathiri ?

kamal dasavatharam

As a part of the deal, Ravi will also produce another film with Kamal Hassan titled, Dasavatharam to be directed by K.S.Ravikumar. In this rip-roaring satire, Kamal will play 10 roles something similar to what Sivaji Ganesan did in that classic Navarathri.

Some of the characters that Kamal will play are George Bush, Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussain and a few other characters which is a closely guarded secret.

Dasavatharam is said to be the most hilarious script in recent times. Kamal and Ravikumar combination is sure to make it a sparkling entertainer. The film will release for 2006 summer.

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Seems exciting to me. How about Crazy or Sujatha for the dialogues ? These are the types of films Kamal should be playing for the rest of his acting career. Am expecting for more information on the actual Dasavatharams he will be playing. Any believable wild guesses on the roles ??

Thanks Praveen for the link.

P.S Prabhu K mails in with a hot news subject. Seems like Sun News has a news item on the next movie of Rajinikanth to be directed by Shankar and produced by AVM. Seems fishy to me but I can’t stop that little chuckle in my face. Devuda Devuda Rumor Rumor Devuda !!