Rushdie for Booker

shalimar the clown

Shalimar The Clown is releasing only by September 6th of this year. But Rushdie is already on the roll. The 2005 Booker prize longlist, which was announced a couple of days back, has Salman Rushdie‘s Shalimar the Clown listed as one of the contenders. Ian McEwan is also in the list. Together with Rushdie, Ian will also be contending for booker, the second time. For Rushdie, the first time was with Midnight’s Child – Saleem Sinai. For Ian McEwan, whom I knew only because of his booker prize, it was Amsterdam.

Rushdie’s last two books seemed to be out of place. Especially The ground beneath her feet featuring the Bombay rock band, seemed to have a great start but wasn’t convincing with all the extended romance. And I comfortably didn’t read his next book, The Fury. More than the booker prize, I would be personally happy if Shalimar The Clown would be impressive.

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