After some time

Been a little busy at work and unable to catch up with reading blogs, forget writing them. Another half week and things might slow down giving way to more time on blogs. After writing the above sentences, I feel like an astrologer writing jyothish on a weekly. Don’t you smell astrological grammar?

I have to be a little curt here. Someone has been mailing me with a link that Microsoft chief vows to Kill Google using my email-ID as sender’s name. GMAIL categorised it as spam but still I need to blow out my anger. Mavaney, kaila kedacha kaima panniduven !!

Google goes to college with a splash of cool banners. Old wine in a hep bottle!! BTW, have you ever seen a black screen at Google. Check this out !!

So it might become instead of the cool Looks like the legal controversy over GMAIL is proving to be of some merit to the Google contenders who claim intellectual property rights over GMAIL. What a USP is. I am upset to see it go away.

Wonder whatever happened to Tamil cinema. It’s probably on a long leave or something. Not so interesting releases that inspires me to go and watch a film. Worse, I don’t even bother to look at the Tamil films aisle in the Indian store. Ponniyin Selvan sounds a little interesting comparing to others. Certainly not the Vetti Jaya [via Hemanth].

Stree Samanya [Kannada] – Vettayadu Villayadu [Tamil] – KS Ravi Kumar film [Tamil] – Rama Naidu’s film [Telugu]. There goes Kamal Hassan’s schedule for the next half year or so. So the only missing link for Kamal is a mallu film and that will complete a round of South Indian films. Basically this is a just a link but I hyped it on the account of consciously continuing the Kamal-Rajini post. Hee Hee!!