Death of an Abused Blog


So if you thought the suspension of account was because I stopped paying the hosting bills, I wasn’t. The account was suspended without my knowledge. Yesterday morning, when I clicked bookmark even before brushing my teeth, I saw the account suspended message. So what did I do? Went over and brushed my teeth. Very funny.

I logged a ticket and the friends at TCH replied that the abuse department is looking into it as they suspected some Movable Type & comments abuse. I had no clue of the abuse so I was assuming all the ‘junk’ that was written is long gone. Much to the wrath of the abuser, the blog content a.k.a junk is all back. Anyway, its not worth blowing into a big issue. But if only the data was also gone, I would have been angered.

The reply from the TCH friends is soothing and they kind of say that the blog is being fetched more than enough times a day that it deserves a dedicated server. FYi, A dedicated server costs $79 a month !! I am not sure if dedicated server would be an immediate solution but I know that I lodge the blog content on blogger and Google would take care of it. So I’m looking to go back to Blogger and this is the probably the fourth time that I’m ranting on the moveback to Blogger. Until such day, there is a choice to upgrade Movable Type 2.61 to the free version of Movable Type 3.

Though it took the hosting company some time, I’m happy that they got things back in shape. Thanks. I am still pursuing to get more details on the ‘abuse’. But then things are back and so cool. Here’s the reply that I got from the hosters.

Your account is back online.

At some point in the near future you may need to consider a fully dedicated server. As your account grows more and more, it consumes more and more resources. As in the case of your site, your blog is growing fast and this is great. However, with success sometimes comes costs.

For now we will do our best to continue to serve your site.

I am very sorry for the way this ticket was handled. Several of our technicians are off this week with vacation time and sick leave, so we are a tad short staffed.

If there is anything I can do to help you transition into a dedicated server, please let me know.

Romba Nandri guys for writing-in, sending snapshots of suspended blog page, commenting on someone else’s blog about this blog’s status and g-talking with me on the death of a blog. Prabhu even offered space to write until the blog is back. Didn’t want to do show that philim. I am sure no one would be starving if the blog was down for a day. And ofcourse, it was like a compulsory vacation.