Maniratna Nayagan !!

arvind swamy - now
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With the ideal husband / lovable loverboy looks, Arvind Swamy was the perfect drool over material of 90’s. Now, sports a tiny french beard and seems like a Pritish Nandy wannabe. Via Sneha.

16 thoughts on “Maniratna Nayagan !!

  1. guys guys…its really pathetic…we would never know what he is going thro in life…lets not make such unwarranted comments

  2. wow, he became bald really fast. I was upset that KVAnand asked ArvindSwamy for the role of Prithviraj in Kanna Kandaen, and he refused to play that role. now when i look at it, i am happy prithviraj played it, and he did a good job too.

  3. Arvind Swamy nejamave “Aduppula Vendha Saami” maadhiri ayiduthu!

    Idha en kooda school la padicha ponnunga kitta forward pannanum. Avanga vidadha jollu.. yabba! I once caught one of them tearing a poster from a road side wall. Enna nu paatha, verum Arvind Swami padam from Bombay!

  4. CHRIST! He was about the ONLY indian actor I was mad about…..well that has come into a DISTANT and FORGETABLE past…..

  5. I am pretty sure if he can slim down, he will look like roja’s rishiboy again.

    It is somehow different for men than women, men have the options of doing little to maintain their youth compared to women

  6. Yeeena ithu, poosi ponna kilangu spare tyre madiri ayitaaru namma ARvind swamy??!

    paravale ithavau oruu vagaiyela sekalla

    anaa manisha koirala kodumeh mel kodumeh. eppadi ayitaanu parukeh

  7. You still look gr8 man ! I’ll always appreciate the fact that you are a HIGHLY QUALIFIED professional, who’s doing justice to his qualifications & hard work that would’ve obviously gone into earning those degrees ! Wish you a gr8 career and continued success.

    Hey….no harm in losing a few pounds and your erstwhile charm ! It hardly takes an hour or 2 every day. I however know there’s little you can do to your hair…never mind….

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