On a Rainy Friday !!

Chenthil is presently the most linked man in the Indian Blogosphere. With his blogpost on the moral policing happening at Chennai, the blogosphere seems afresh and there is so much of linking and debating going on in this issue. I have my own crib on the Tamil media/matter/morality issue. Nilu is calling for a Lagaan team to show what bloggers are for the system. Check out, you might be interested.

Ammani’s recent quick tale a.k.a fast fiction[as I like to call it], Death of a Friend, was fantastic. We are such humongous hypocrites !!

They wouldn’t allow a ‘good’ director to stay in shape. Ab Tak Chhappan‘s Shimit Amin signs-up for a Yash Chopra banner starring Shahrukh. Rule No.1 in B(K)ollywood – If anyone makes meaningful cinema, make him direct an outright masala as his next movie and he will become one among equals. Huh !!

Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara could be a masterpiece but Urmila, like Kamalhassan, talks too much about the subject during the release of the film. The dudes at Rediff title the interview as Meet Urmila, Gandhian Thinker. Give me a break !!. I am eager to watch it, however.

Oli Oviyar(!!) Thankar Bachan’s Chidambarathil Oru Appasamy takes a beating from The Hindu. Update – Get appreciated by Vikatan [44/100].

The ban over the on-screen smoking in television is pushed to Jan 1, 2006. Inimey vaithaaa vaithaa vaithaa thaan. Read previous cribs on the ban here and here.