The Physics of Superheroes

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First Off, I haven’t read this book. Infact, the book itself hasn’t released yet. So you know this is no book review of The Physics of Superheroes.

I heard James Kakalios‘ interview on NPR and got instantly interested. Being a huge comics addict during my teens[except for archie and jughead], anything on comic heroes puts on the interests. Just like how The Unbreakable and Incredibles used super heroes to explore deeper into the human mind, seems like this book explains theories of phyiscs using super heroes and their nifty equipments/tricks.

Pretty Impressive way to explain physics. If only my physics madam[classy dressed with a bob cut hair] at school tried to teach physics this way, I would have been writing like James Kakalios by now. Anyway, I hope she still teaches how to experiment ohm’s law in the lab. It would never work for me especially on the day of final examination at school. Physics, huh !!