Cho Ramaswamy, currently the only

Cho Ramaswamy, currently the only political observer in Tamil Nadu talks about his views on the recent protests against Kushboo.

From Hindu’s Business Line

“While I do not agree with what she has said, she is entitled to her views. Now those who are agitating against her have accused her of having defamed or maligned Tamil women. In her article she has not said a single word about Tamil Nadu or the women of Tamil Nadu. Her opinions were generally about women. What the agitators accuse of her saying is totally wrong. India Today has been publishing surveys again and again which claim to record the opinion of women of Tamil Nadu. And in these surveys they claim about 20-25 per cent of these women say they are for free sex or pre-marital sex. Now I don’t know whether this is truly their opinion or that of the person doing the survey.”

Coming down heavily on the serials aired by TV channels, Ramaswamy said these TV channels “regularly put on air serials which malign women in a very devastating manner. Nobody seems to care, perhaps because they are being telecast by Sun TV. So while neither India Today nor Sun TV has been targeted, Khushboo was chosen perhaps because she is a soft target; and they somehow wanted to claim a victory.”

Thats the way to go. I enjoy this man for this sheer objectivity in commenting !! Given the state of affairs, we need a dozen CHOs.