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Ev’s Odeo is facing challenges right now. With Apple joining the Podcast fray, few months back, the podcast scene just got hotter. Just today, Yahoo announced it’s share of podcasting service, Yahoo Podcasts which is in beta, as expected.

Ev Head‘s Blogger made a headstart in blogging and its long gone before these big godzillas of internet realised that blogging was a serious business. They don’t want to do the same with Podcasts. So they are gearing up to enter podcasting sooner than ever before. And thats giving podcasting all the hype more than its worth. With whatever I’ve experienced in the last few months, ever since I started subscribing to Podcasts on my mp3 player, I believe, Podcasts will become the next radio. But I’m positive that podcasts may not erupt waves in the internet. They would consolidate soon and would become steady business rather than competitive, just like the blogging market. So podcasts will live but not as grand as blogs. The video revolution has already started and that would be a majot hitch for the podcasts to surge higher.

Now what happens to podcasting services like EV’s ODEO ? With the online giants jumping into the podcasting badnwagon, fresh creative thinkers have very little to do in podcasting space now. The major difference betwen ODEO and other biggies is that they have software to creat and upload podcasts. Apple and Yahoo’s podcast services are mearly a grouping of podcasts in one place whereas ODEO has a USP of creating podcasts. It wouldn’t take much for them to buy this software from some unknown programmer and fix it into their sites. Ev’s Odeo might succumb to the media majors if they don’t take a lead right now. I just don’t want EV to fail like Sabeer Bhatia, after all he was instrumental for a blogging revolution.