Camel 'Marudhanayagam' Hassan

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The above pic has a self-explanatory email sent to me by Sriram.

Before that, my rambling note. I saw. I read. I was thrilled, excited and also sad. I hate to believe rumors that Camel Hassan‘s ‘to-be magnum opus’ Marudhanayagam will never get to see the light of the silver screens. I have my own reasons why Marudhanayagam should and should not release. The reasons why it should outplay the others. I expect just like millions of other kollywood fans, Kamal’s dream would reach the screens and entertain us. Though wanting to explain the reasons in detail, holding you back before reading the email isn’t quite right. Here you go.

Hi Guru,

I have been quite a frequent reader of your blogsite. I am too as passionate as you are about stuff like music, movies etc…Just wanted to share this incident with you.

Few months back I had this official trip to Switzerland, France and Belgium… And during one of those weekends at Evion, France, I met this French guy at a Cruiser in Lake Evion who happened to be my friend’s old time mate. Once after he knew that I was an Indian, he immediately started to converse about Kamal Hassan. Did although pronouce it in a wierd “Camel Hasaan” way… He told me that he had worked in a French production company and spoke very highly of Kamal whom they met during his visit to France in 1997-98 for Marudhanayagam related work. The whole conversation with him ranged from films to Kamal to the very very special Marudhanayagam. He was asking me if I had Marudhanayagam DVD and if I could get him one! And after when he heard that the film wasn’t got to be made, he was little put off as he said he had seen about 15 minute footage on Marudhanayagam and was amazed by the performances and script. He said its sad that such ideas and importantly days of hard work has been locked and never let out. It seemed that the range of the protaganist character in the movie was phenomenal, the adjective what he exactly used. As the character travelled from an untouchable lower caste to a near revolution to an almost death to joining an army force and then on to lead a kingdom.

I was just amazed by his narration for few reasons that his experience with Marudhanayagam happened before 6-7 years and importantly that he actually never knew the story or read the script. He said he had just seen the footage and a ppt presentation in french. He also claimed that Marudhanayagam was planned to been shot in French too apart from English.

I had to leave soon and before leaving I got a promise from him for mailing me pictures of MN which after initial hesitation he did. It was a wonderful experience to talk to someone knowledgable as him and bout something really Indian and that too to a French who loved Lagaan and kept humming Orey Chori from the same soundtrack (was a huge follower of AR).

After few weeks I did get a whole lot of Marudhanayagam Pictures and wav files of some french and tamil dialogues.

Guru, I am sharing few of them and I am sure you will be as thrilled to see them as I was. Keep posting blogs and opinions and your views does matter mate and its become a daily routine to checkout updates and articles on stuff like Google, AR, Maniratnam, IR to Kamal, Movies, Carnatic etc. Way to go. keep ’em coming.

With regards,

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P.S – Did this meet the expectations from yesterday’s build-up ?. If you didn’t find yourself replying, Amaampaa Amaam then Jillunu Oru Panner Soda Adinga, Saar.